It transpired that it was quicker and cheaper to get home via Faro than by returning to Malaga. We like quick and cheap, so that’s what we did. What can I tell you about Faro? It’s small. We toured the main sites in an afternoon, marvelling at the Chapel of Bones and taking a leisurely stroll through the cobbled streets of the old town. The regional museum is not something that one would describe as one the world’s must sees. But it was still a pleasant way to spend a half hour. Mrs P and her mother took a little boat trip out into a nature reserve, which they enjoyed. I preferred to stay warm.


But I will say this for Faro. You can eat extremely well there. Most restaurants have a ‘prato do dia’ menu for lunch. The choice is limited and the price low, but you get a starter, main, desert, drink and coffee. And will likely have change from a 10 Euro note. It’s much like a fonda in Mexico. But so much better. I had a plate of tender pork chunks and clams in a delicious sauce. For dinner I had pork ribs in another delicious sauce. With chips.

For the food alone, Faro was worth visiting. It’s given us an appetite for more. Once we’ve finished with Andalucia, we shall move on to sample further delights in the Algarve and beyond.


2 thoughts on “Faro

  1. Colm says:

    Short and sweet and to the point Gary. Long may you wander the globe with Mrs P in tow. I wish I was a bit younger as I’d love to go a wandering again. Three wheels on my wagon..


    • As opposed to my normal style, long and rambling! But yes, long may our travels continue. I’m finding I have a growing preference for places closer to home with a little more luxury than I ‘enjoyed’ when in my 20s. But still….


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