A Face in the Crowd

The London market place, where time stands still. Years, decades and centuries pass it by. The produce and faces change, buildings come and go, but the location stays the same. The centre of the community. Those that idle and stop to stare stand out like the masts of wrecked ships in a raging sea. This is where you find the colours, sounds and smell of the city. Where new meets old and the latest fads mix and melt with antiquity. Where cultures collide and create a place in which the known world exists. Where the stories of the changing seasons are told on the stalls of the grocers. It’s where you’ll find the sweat on your brow in summer and the chill in your bones in the bleakest days of winter. This, my friend, is the London you were looking for.


One thought on “A Face in the Crowd

  1. There exist many places like this where time seems to stay still. They can be as grand as the one pictured. Or it can be a tiny plaza such the one in my town of Patzcuaro. It also brings to my a town square in my hometown back it El Paso, Texas back in the late fifties. I still go back to that time in my memory of people from all walks of life get on and off buses. Many even from Cuidad Juarez, Mexico, just across the river.
    Thanks for the memory refresher and sharing this picture.


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