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#TBT Lucha Libre

If I’m asked what to do, where to eat, and where to go in Mexico City then I’ll waffle on forever with a billion suggestions. If I have to narrow down my response to a single sentence with no more than five words? Go and see Lucha Libre. Is there anything more ‘Mexico City‘ than Lucha Libre? Methinks not. Food recommendations are all well and good, but the truth is you’re never more than a ten minute walk from a dozen damn fine places to eat. And the guide books and leaflets in hotels will list all the main tourist sites – there’ll be more than you can ever hope to visit. Sheesh, I spent six years trying and still have places to go.

But some people need to be encouraged to go see Lucha Libre. They think it isn’t their thing. Not their scene. A waste of valuable time. But they’re wrong. It is. It soon will be. It’s not. I dragged my very dubious mother along one time. She loved it. One just needs to remove the idea that is is a sport from one’s mind. It isn’t. It’s a show. And a very good one. The photo above? It’s a genuine Lucha Libre photo that I took. At the Royal Albert Hall, a year and a half ago. We dragged a very dubious, reluctant sister-in-law along. She tried to hate it. It was her birthday, and it was the last place she would have chosen to spend it. She hated it with the biggest grin on her face all night long. They didn’t allow cameras into the venue when I was last in CDMX. So I have no photos to show for my visits there. Which makes me kinda sad.


4 thoughts on “#TBT Lucha Libre

  1. I have been to CDMX a gazillion times, but I have never seen Lucha Libre. Your post is making me consider it. If I can drag my friend Alejandro along with me. Another thing that I definitely want to do is go to a jai alai match now that the old “fronton” near the Revolution Monument has been renovated and the sport is being played again.


    • You must literally drag him along if he won’t go willingly.

      I remember that they were putting the old Fronton building back in order just as I was packing up ready to leave. I’d go along and watch a bit of Jai Alai. Whether I’d have a clue what’s going on is another matter.


  2. The photo alone gave me quite a laugh. What other sport has tuba players mingling with the combatants?

    ¡Viva México!


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where the main form of “lucha” is more with bureaucrats than anything else.


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