Signs of the Time

That’s Mrs P, strutting her stuff in the mid 30s celsius midday sun at the observatory in Jaipur. Signs of the time indeed. Why did I not think of that title for a post before? I rather miss India. I enjoyed it. This may come as a little bit of a surprise to anyone who read my opinions of India shortly after the holiday. You’d expect me to add a caveat, at least. But no, I shan’t. Pick any point of my life, a high or a low point, and I have only fond memories. Positive recollections of people I’ve met, lessons I’ve learned. Happy memories of places I’ve been Nothing negative lingers in the soft grey matter betwixt my ears.

It puzzles me why some people dwell on the worst that life has offered them. I guess there’s nothing at play here which comes down to choice. It seems the brain works one way of the other. But I did recently wonder, is this what makes the  difference between a person being happy , rather than depressed? Is this what makes a person confident about the way ahead, rather than constantly anxious? Is this the most transparent sympton of mental health? I have no idea. But I like the way it’s turned out for me. I’ve had a great life. Long may it continue.


7 thoughts on “Signs of the Time

  1. norm says:

    Is the glass half full or half empty? I’ve kissed the ground when returning to US soil but have nothing but fond memories of my foreign adventures-I’m with you Gary.


  2. I too tend to forget the bad but remember the good. Which in my case is somewhat odd because in the present I’m normally more fixated on what can go wrong than what can go right. But I’m glad I tend to remember the best. The only danger is getting back together with old boyfriends and then remembering why we broke up in the first place.

    India is a place that I’ve often wanted to see, ideally the Kumb Mela. Let’s hope I can some day do so.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where it’d be nice if there were just more people around.


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