Good Boy

This chilled out hound lives in Faro, Portugal. He pretty much ignored me as I took this shot. So I inched a little closer. An inch too close, as it turned out. The hound saw me off. From cuddly pup to killer in a flash. With a telling flash of his fangs. He is indeed a good boy. He did his job. And I still had my photo, so all is well. The dog is mans best friend for a whole bunch of reasons. Security is just one of them.

A friend once told me that his wife was his best friend, not his dog. He’s wrong, I’m certain of that. There is a test to prove or disprove my theory. Take your wife and dog, force them both into the boot of your car and lock them in it. When you return after an hour and open the boot, my theory suggests that only one of them will be pleased to see you. I don’t, sadly, have a dog. But if anyone else can perform this scientific experiment, I’d be grateful if you would report back and let me know the outcome.


7 thoughts on “Good Boy

  1. So I’d guess from this post that Mrs. P doesn’t read your blog. At least I hope not.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where the dogs seem to be pretty well behaved in general.


    • Mrs P is not a regular reader. Nor a fan. I am safe. Probably. If I’m wrong, I may need someone to rescue me from a car boot. Hopefully, there’ll be a dog barking at the right boot to prise open…

      When I met Mr Cotton in a London pub-cum-restaurant a few years ago, a hairy great beast of a dog was lead inside. It promptly sprawled itself on the floor, right across a walkway, for a nice afternoon nap. Everyone who needed to pass smiled and stepped carefully over it. Had this been a kid, there’d have been tutting at a minimum. This was part one of the scientific experiment. Whether the dog is mans best fried is to be resolved. But we definitely prefer them to children.

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  2. Colm says:

    I have or should I say we have a dog. Duff is averse to having his photo taken and there are times when he appears to have a sixth sense even when I disguise my intentions. It’s uncanny at times and will give me a disapproving glance to almost say get lost! He won’t pose period.
    Yet, when I return from an errand he will treat me like I’m his long lost best friend even if I’ve been gone only fifteen minutes. Curiously he will share his time with my wife and I even if we are in the same room by either lying on the floor at her feet or mine or hopping up on the couch and prodding me with his foot.
    There are times I will catch him staring at me and I look back and hold his gaze but there is no malice in the look and he will come forward wagging his tail. So life with a dog can be as simple as that, I never actually wanted a pet and he was thrust upon me after our younger son moved to Alberta for a job and now I suppose he is my dog, not a possession mind you but a companion of limited words.. and that leads me to your last paragraph neither would get in the boot of their own accord! He would lick me to death while scrabbing and kicking and she’d grab a tire iron and whack me while I’m juggling the dog.


    • I grew up with dogs. Mostly German Shepherds. A breed which is as loyal as they come. We don’t have one now, and that’s a shame.

      They sure are a ton more friendly than the pet turtles I had. Which would show interest in me only when I approached with food.


  3. Stew and AL are living THE life, caring for lots of old dogs and living with them at Rancho Santa Clara outside San Miguel de Allende, though I would prefer a Texan ranch over their location.
    Really nice photo. Compelled to comment.


    • I’d happily settle for any ranch, SMA or Texan. Both see considerably more sun than we do here. And if the ranch is big enough for a good morning walk with the hounds, all the better.


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