The Selfie King

Ranthambore Park, October 2017. Two canters full of safari passengers have found the park’s Holy Grail – a tiger sunbathing by the lake. Most people photographed the tiger. I photographed the people. And one chap perched himself precariously on the vehicle’s side railing to take a selfie stick aided photo of himself. Why? Lord only knows. Or Shiva. One of the other. I have a selfie stick. I resisted this new fangled technology for a while. But once I’d buckled and parted with a few farthings, I found they are actually quite fun.

Yet I rarely take mine out with me. It’s too bulky and cumbersome for either my pocket or a bag. So it tends to stay in my technology drawer at home. Here’s what I want. A selfie stick that’s no more than six inches long. On the business end, a retractable magnetic mount  to attach my phone. On the other end, a small metal loop (similar to what you get on a key fob) that I can attach a belt clip to. A small wrist strap is optional. Then I’d have a selfie stick that is accessible when I need it, but can be carried from the hip so discreetly I’d barely notice its there.

I have some great ideas sometimes. Alas, whenever I look into a great idea. the one thing that is certain is that someone else has had it before me, patented it and gotten it to market. On this occasion? There’s actually nothing quite to my specs. A few come close, but nothing that totally meets my requirements. I clearly need to buy myself  a garden shed to handcraft my premium quality bit of selfie stick genius. I will do this just as soon as I’ve bought a property with a garden.




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