Winter Mystery

Over the last week, Putin’s given us Brits a twoferone deal. Another Russian exile has turned up murdered – this time strangulation rather than a nerve agent was the preferred method*. Then he sent in his secret weapon. Another blast of snow from Siberia. He’s proving to be a tough customer, is ole Vlad. But he does create quite the scenic conditions for a photographer. I haven’t really taken advantage of them, wandering only as far as the local duck pond, armed only with my iPhone. But still.

I paused for thought at the pond as I watched the ducks and other birds float on the icy water. There are many questions that boggle my mind. What was the time half an hour before time began? What is on the other side of the known universe? Why don’t ducks that are stupid enough to paddle about in sub zero water freeze to death? Alas, I am too late to pose this last question to Mr Hawking. I’m sure he would have provided a mathematical equation to answer the unanswerable.

Right now, according to a few fundamentalists on the interweb, Mr Hawking is being raped by Satan. They think that is funny. Seriously, I’ve read actual tweets and posts on the subject. But the joke, of course, is on them. Mr Hawking is a paraplegic and will be blissfully unaware of any devilish deeds going on in his neither regions.

*The first exile is still, apparently, alive. So my statement isn’t entirely correct. Yet.


5 thoughts on “Winter Mystery

  1. norm says:

    It is still cold here in Ohio, the ground is still frozen on the northern exposures. I took the snow plough off the Massy and put on the tiller Sunday. I cut up a few thousand square feet of southern exposure ground for snow peas.About twelve pounds are going in for the late summer plantings, I have winter rye on the rest of the garden space for the first planting.

    Spring will come.

    And on the half hour thing: I’m not much of a bible thumper but it says it is unknowable-maybe it is. I like the final seconds of Men in Black where the space people are playing marbles with the different universes.

    Enjoy the snow-I am.


    • We don’t get your sort of cold. We don’t much much cold at all, really. We’re not unprepared for it, per se. Just decided it’s not worth the money to work through it.

      And perhaps the answer really is just simply 42.


  2. norm says:

    We had a blizzard back in the late 70s that got my attention. I carried a shovel, and a bag of “if the car will not go” cloths in my car for the next twenty winters. The bag had one of those Russian hats with the flaps and chin straps, a pair of insulated coveralls, rubber gloves with heavy wool liners, knee high rubber boots a size too big, with three pair of sox , two big kerchiefs for covering the face and a set of ski goggles. The shovel and bag went into the “boot” about November and came out in April. Never used it and the weather is much milder now. Ohio is still no picnic but much better than when I was young.
    And I’m guessing it’s a prime number.


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