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#TBT La Raza Monument

When I left Mexico in 2011, the city was making some effort to spruce up a few of its landmarks, historic streets and monuments, The Revolution monument perhaps being the best example. I rather hope they got around, or will get around, to fixing up the La Raza monument. It was looking very much the worse for  wear the last time I ventured past. It had certainly seen better days, as shown in the photo below…



9 thoughts on “#TBT La Raza Monument

  1. When I take the Metrobus along Insurgentes Avenue I pass the monument, and, I am sorry to say, there appears to be no effort to renovate it. They certainly do not have the fountains going as in your old photo. It is not in the greatest neighborhood either.


    • That’s a shame. If I remember rightly, I stumbled upon the monument rather by accident. I was there looking for La Raza hospital to look for some Rivera murals.

      And you’re right, it isn’t in the best hood. Which is probably why it remains rather neglected.

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  2. I remember that you once posted a photo of the murals in the hospital. I have accompanied my friend Alejandro a couple times to La Raza when he has had doctor appointments there, but I have not seen the murals. Of course, it is a pretty huge complex.

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  3. Given that the monument is in the middle of an interchange between Insurgentes Norte and the Circuito Interior, it would seem difficult and possibly dangerous to go see the monument. Pity, as it’s rather nice.

    Hopefully some day they’ll spruce it up. I’m a little surprised it didn’t happen in the run-up to the Bicentenario, given that the city was spruced up all over the place for that event.

    By the way, you seem to be blogging up a storm these days. Good work! I should follow your example. God knows I’ve left enough comments, haha.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where indigenous peoples are almost entirely ignored. No monuments to them at all.

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    • My memory is a little bit hazy. But I think I used a footbridge to get there rather than traffic dodging Frogger style. But there is an impressive monument waiting to be loved again!

      It’s a quiet time of year, January through to March…! And I’ve now got Firefox available to me, which is a big improvement over IE9!

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      • Do you like the most recent Firefox better than Chrome? I switched (begrudgingly) a few years ago because Flash kept crashing on FF but works fine on Chrome. Chrome was also quite a bit faster than FF. Should I switch back? Saludos!

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        • The Firefox browser that’s been installed in the office is still an old version. Just not as old the IE browser we had. It’s an improvement. But truth be told, I haven’t used Firefox for years and years. I switched to Chrome when I was still in Mexico, largely because Firefox was so unstable and buggy.

          These days, I pretty much use Safari exclusively at home or on my phone. It works just fine, and I’ve rather swallowed the Apple pill…!

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