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Great British Myths

The court of King Arthur, the Loch Ness monster, the ‘Good Old Days’ and the British spring of 2018 – all frequently talked about, but never actually seen. Despite the occasional, unsubstantiated rumour of a sighting from persons of dubious integrity, there is no hard evidence that any of them exist. Or have ever existed. They are simply part of British folklore.

The meteorological office insists that spring will arrive this week. With a vengenece. Temperatures will top those in Portugal, they say. Londoners will positively sizzle in a mid 20 celsius heatwave towards the end of the week. Promises, promises. promises. We’ve been here plenty of times before, only to be let down. Just like the time that guy promised to find the monster by conducting a sonar sweep of Loch Ness. And all those archaeological digs for Camelot. And all that fact checking that’s been done on Nigel Farage’s account of how things used to be.

Whilst sceptical, I do live in hope. It’s been a very long winter. I dread to see the state of our gas bill. Central heating isn’t cheap. It’s been so long that the sun has surely been put on the endangered list. When we do finally see a big fiery orange ball in the sky, those of us who keep up with current affairs may well first check that WW3 hasn’t started before we celebrate too loudly.  We need some sun here in the British Isles. This week, por favour.


4 thoughts on “Great British Myths

  1. norm says:

    We had tornadoes in our bailiwick last evening, they are calling for snow today, spring is here but it is of the nasty sort. I think my peas are dead in the dirt, too much below freezing temperatures this year. I did plant some chestnuts trees in a small window of sunshine we had last week.
    The good old days were not so good, I have studied more history than is probably healthy , trust me, we have it pretty good these days.


    • You do have more extreme weather than us over there, that’s for sure. But if it’s anything like Illinois or Wisconsin (the only bits close by-ish that I have any knowledge of!) then you get nice hot summers too. Over here, we do not. Alas. Our weather is extreme only in its dullness. But that does mean we have a great appreciation for the wonderful feeling of the sun on your skin.


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