Black Beauty

There’s a lot to like about this car. It’s a McLaren, so it’s a British car. A real British car, as in it’s owned, designed and built in Britain. Or so I thought, but it seems there are some Middle Eastern pistons in this pie. It’s also a Brexiters dream company, what with Bruce McLaren being Canadian – we’re all for the Commonwealth again. Or Empire 2.0, if that’s your cup of delusion. It’s also a fantastic car. Mrs P and I have driven past their HQ a few times in Woking. We like Woking. We could even live in Woking one day. Will that ever happen? Well, if my ambition to become a train driver comes to pass, then yes.

I can’t tell you what model this one is. Once upon a time, I could have told you the model, top speed and acceleration figures of pretty much every car. Like most teen boys, I had my phase of car obsession. I bought Autocar and Motor religiously, every week. I found that the older I got, the less I cared about a vehicle’s 0 to 60mph time. But would you like to know what I liked best about this McLaren? The parking ticket stuck to the window. One tiny victory for the common man against the 1%.


10 thoughts on “Black Beauty

  1. norm says:

    I got the “bat out of hell” car thing out of my system early. I bought a 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 442 convertible when I was 19. A flying machine, 4 on the floor, big motor, bench seat for cuddling down the road, a very fast car. Wrecked it drag racing down a country road against a silver bullet Chevel. I went straight to four door Impalas after that brush with the end.


    • My first car was a Fiat Strada, bought when I was about 19, a good two decades before I actually got a full driving license. But it’s ok – the car didn’t work when I bought it, and still didn’t work when the council towed it away about two weeks later. No law was broken. Other than the ‘parking’…

      My next drive was in Mexico City. Mostly a Corolla.


  2. Kris says:

    I still have the car bug, but only reading about them. I used to do some entry-leve sports carl racing. I don’t watch racing on tv, except the first two laps of F1. I find the rest of it boring. Most racing drivers have SUV’s as personal vehicles.


    • I like seeing cars in the flesh still. They’re a great argument for capitalism. There’s no other economic model that I can think* of in which ridiculously extravagant machines like these exist. I might never own one, but I’ll not tire of seeing them prowl the streets of London.

      Having said that, the development of Concorde came mostly under a socialist govt…


  3. I am still a sucker for sexy cars. And your photo has really piqued my libido. Or, I guess, that would be “peaked,” in this case. I could sell my house, buy one, and sleep rough for the rest of my days. And be happy — if not content.


    • Steve, if you could only stop dropping your cameras, laptops and other gadgets, you’d have long ago been able to walk into a McLaren dealership and say, “I’ll have two, please.”

      One of the big pleasures of wandering the streets of London, is the ability to ogle the latest and finest from the factories of Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Bugatti and Lamborghini. They were few and far between in Mexico, in my time there. Probably because of the cost. Not just the car itself, but the fleet of SUVs, small army of security and other essential accessories.


        • Mayfair is prime hunting ground for automotive treasure. We look forward to your next visit to these shores, when we can perhaps go and shoot a few. With cameras, of course. And without your Russian flag, por favour…!


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