Flickr’s New Home

Hurrah! Smug Mug have bought Flickr. Which, I think, is great news. It’s time to get out the bunting and celebrate. I’m pretty invested in Flickr. I’ve been paying my annual Pro subscription since August 2006, but I originally signed up some time before that. I get unlimited storage for my $25 a year, which I am trying hard to fill up. I’m beginning to think I’ll never succeed, but so far the 17,008 photos that I’ve added have consumed 67.74 gb of disc space. Needless to say, changing to another photo host would be a bother.

But happy days, it seems my worries are over. SmugMug  are a proper independent photo hosting/sharing company. If I ever did need to abandon Flickr, it would most likely have been to Smug Mug. I think Flickr’s future will be safe in their hands. Hopefully they will develop and innovate the site, and perhaps even bring over a few Smug Mug features – I’d particularly like the ability to use one of my domain names with Flickr. And the ability to change the layout with different templates has some appeal. A non-Yahoo sign in will be nice too, when it comes.

But truth be told, despite all the neglect over the years, Flickr is still one of the best ways to store and share photos. It ain’t broke. It doesn’t need fixing. But a bit of TLC would be most gratefully appreciated.




8 thoughts on “Flickr’s New Home

  1. I stopped using Flickr a long time ago. This was just before it’s ownership started bouncing around. Never thought it to be a good fit with Yahoo. I hope that the new owners are able to do more with it and that it does stay independent. It is a good trend, anyway, I hope it is a trend, that smaller companies can compete with the likes of Verizon and the mega companies. Waiting to see what happen to Flicker. Hope something good come of the change.


  2. Terry Madeley says:

    I’ve been a long-time Flickr member too, and was a little worried when I heard they’ve changed hands again. I hadn’t really heard of SmugMug until recently, but they seem … ok? Let’s hope so.


    • SmugMug have ben around longer than Flickr. I guess if they were on the high street, they’d have the ’boutique’ label attached to them. But they are a proper photography company. That’s what they do and that’s all they do. So one would hope at the very least that they’d be looking to develop Flickr, rather than drain every last ounce of advertising revenue from it until it dies. Which is what I rather feared another company might do.

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    • Yup! You’re right. But Yahoo has perhaps surpassed both with the name of its new corporate entity, which will go under the name “Oath” in future.

      Verizon, which agreed to buy Yahoo last year, has announced that Yahoo and AOL will come together under the new name in the coming weeks, once Verizon completes the $4.5bn (£3.6bn) acquisition. It is seen as an attempt to breathe new life into two brands that have both seen better days.


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