#TBT Calzada de los Misterios

Once upon a time, I walked the entire length of Avenida Reforma, including the Calzada de los Misterios. I took a photo every 8 steps or so and created a video out of the hundreds of snaps when I got back home. To be honest, the final product did not meet my hopes or expectations. But never mind. I still managed to photograph all the monuments along Calzada de los Misterios. From memory, I think they were something to do with pilgrimages to the Basilica de Guadaloupe. Probably. That was a mighty long walk. Too long for one day. I had to split it into two. It became even longer when I wandered off the the other end of Reforma for a good couple of kilometres, unaware that the road had actually ended some time back.


4 thoughts on “#TBT Calzada de los Misterios

  1. I didn’t walk the “Calzada”, but the new double-decker Metrobus goes along Reforma and continues up “Misterios” past the Basilica to Indio Verdes. So I traveled that route in comfort on the upper floor of the bus a couple weeks ago. As I understand it, the shrines were places where pilgrims stopped to say the Rosary on their way to the Basilica. I too was toying with the idea of walking the route and photographing all the shrines, but, frankly, they aren’t all that impressive. So I satisfied myself with one decent photo I snapped from the bus. If you go to my blog, you can read about it… the post is entitled “Sky Bus”.


  2. Fidel Castro and company would walk that route to get themselves into condition for military training in preparation for the 1956 Sierra Maestra campaign. For some reason, the Virgin of Guadalupe declined joining the operation.

    I’ve done it by bike, but haven’t walked the whole route… yet.


    • I’ve had coffee in Fidel’s old haunt in the city. It’s nice to know we shared the same walk afterwards too.

      I’m not sure it’s particularly worth the effort of a walk…


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