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Mother Nature, as is her wont, has played a dastardly trick on us. A week of fine sunny weather and soaring temperatures, convinced us to put away our winter clothing till the frozen winds from the north and east return late in the year. No sooner had we done so, that the fine sunny weather disappeared and cold winds blew in again. Hopefully, it is but a last hurrah before the seasonal norms settle in. But that week of sun was also enough to convince the horse chestnuts to spread out their canopy of fresh green leaves. And the bluebells to bloom in Abbot Street Copse. The skies might have been grey at the weekend, but who would notice when there is such a lush carpet of flowers to look at? We may not have Jacarandas in the UK, but for those with their nose to the grindstone, we have the next best thing.


6 thoughts on “Bluebells

  1. Not to be selfish, but I’m thrilled that things are blooming: hubby and I fly from Colorado to England on Thursday, and your spring is far more advanced than ours! Wonderful picture and a good reminder that blue of sky is not always overhead….


    • The UK is not the place to come if blue skies are an essential part of a holiday, that’s for sure.

      If you’re quick, you’ll be in time to see the rhododendron, azaleas and other similar plants in full bloom. Hope you have a great stay here!


  2. I do miss the blubells that would bloom in the front yard of my Salem house. Instead, I traded them for a place where flowers bloom all year. I may have the better part of that deal.


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