Food for the Soul

I am a very modern religionist. Tots up to date. When I go to church for nourishment, I go to the local in Westbourne. Very pretty it is, with lots of stained glass windows, as you’d expect in an old English church. People do often have their favourite parts of a church. Mine is upstairs, where Plates and Co serve a delicious three course meal for a very reasonable price. And it’s all very romanitcally lit as the sun streams in those stained glass panes. If it upsets you that such a lovely church has been converted into a restaurant – and it did upset some back in 2010 when it happened – then you probably don’t want to know that the downstairs became a Tesco Express convenience store.


2 thoughts on “Food for the Soul

  1. norm says:

    The American Art Museum (Butler) in Youngstown Ohio bought the church next door. They built a second story skyway over to the church and turned the balcony into a folk art gallery. The church area below was left for the art that it is.


    • Whether turned into restaurants, convenience stores or art galleries, these fabulous old buildings are at least being saved from dereliction, decay and eventual demolition.


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