Video Photos

Some new technology ideas change everything, and one wonders what one did before. Others are just gimmicks, soon to pass into history. And others still look like gimmicks, but prove to be a fantastic idea. Apple Pay fits into that latter category. And Live Photos too, as I have discovered twice over. With the feature turned on, every photo you take is actually a three second video, with audio. My initial thought was, ‘what’s the point?’ And I turned the feature off. But then I thought I’d give it a proper try, and turned it back on a month or two later. Which was a good move. Because it turns out there are three good points.

Point number one. It turns out that it’s nice to look through three second video clips. Videos just do bring back more vivid memories, don’t you think? I love looking through the hundreds of mini-vids from our India trip. Point number two. That group photo, where someone blinks at just the wrong moment. No problem – just choose a frame before or after the fateful blink, and set that as the key image. Point number three? I worked that out by accident this week…

Mrs P and I went to Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire. We fancied some camping in the fine summer sunshine that was promised by the Meteorological office. And some canoeing down the picturesque River Wye. The Met office lied. It rained most of the time we were there. But, thankfully, it at least mostly held off while we were in the canoe. It was a nice 22 hour paddle, through some of the nicest countryside the country has to offer. It’s just a shame most of it was smothered in a blanket of cloud.

But still, one must make the best of a bad situation. Photos were duly snapped. Processed. Gathered into an album on my iPad. I’d shot a few video clips too, so then I opened up Quik and loaded the videos. There weren’t enough of them to make much of a video, so I padded it out with a few photos too. Which is when I discovered that Quik will make the most of those Live Photos, using the three second clips they contain. So I removed the actual video clips, and just went with Live Photos. It’s no masterpiece, but it was fun and easy. More so than camping. Expect to see my tent on eBay in the near future.


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