Brexit Blue

We are reaching the end of the road. We know not exactly where the road ends, as this is unchartered territory – not even Google has a map to get us out of this tangle. There are several ominous looking junctions ahead though. We do know when it will end, providing Brexit doesn’t crash and burn before then. And at the moment, Brexit is careening is a most alarming manner. To the casual observer, it looks almost out of control. Is the driver asleep at the wheel? Will she bail before it goes bang? We might be about to find out.

I wrote another longish post on the current state of Brexit. And then deleted it, replacing it with this. Brexit is such a mess, one barely knows where to begin. Even the Vote Leave director and Farage know it’s a complete shambles. There is every chance that the government will fall within a month. Quite possibly within a week. Another General Election looms. The stage has never been so ripe for a People’s Vote. There are two cans, Northern Ireland and the Customs Union, which have been kicked about as far down the road as they’ll go. We’re about the point where someone has to grab it, tear off the lid and inspect the worms.

In the meantime, the above photo was taken this weekend on the Isle of Wight, and processed with a resplendent Lightroom preset that I call Brexit Blues.


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