A Random Ramble

Here’s one of my rather infrequent self portraits. I’ve been missing in action longer than Melania Trump, but no one seems to have noticed. Regardless, here is proof that I’m still alive and kicking. I’m wearing my currrent favourite t-shirt, a snazzy green number by SuperDry. I like the brand alot. It’s good quality and fits nicely. It’s not cheap, but I shop once or twice a year in the sales, using any extra vouchers I can find. I prefer the stuff which has minimal branding, which prevents me from buying about 50% of their clothes due to the foot high logos stamped on them.

Talking of ‘missing in action’. There’s a song that had been stuck in my head for weeks, but for the life of me I could not put a name to either track nor artist to download. At the weekend I tried typing ‘song with sound of a gun shooting’ into Google. And there it was, second entry. Google, I bow before your power and glory. And praise be to Spotify who list the song on their catalogue. Now I can listen to it, rather than hum it.


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