Automative Beauty

I strolled past this marvel of engineering at the weekend. It is truly a thing of beauty, one of the finest cars ever made. I don’t care how quirky it is, I love it. And I’m not alone – it came third in a poll for Car of the Century. Indeed, if I were more mechanically minded, cash rish and with time on my hands, I’d pick an old DS as a restoration project. Some unkind soul might suggest that the first DS was in need of restoration about five minutes after it came off the production line. French cars have that sort of reputation. Regardless, I have neither the know-how, money nor time to embark on such a project. Instead, I settle for photographing other people’s efforts.


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9 thoughts on “Automative Beauty

  1. My wife called this car a Citron and says she loved it. It is kind of a cool looking car. It would not travel very far in our far city of Patzcuaro due to its low profile. Some of our streets are starting to get flattened out but most still have too many ruts and bump to allow for this kind of car to travel upon.
    With the Land Rover exiting and support on parts coming from Germany, it would be much longer before other industries follow. So no, things will not ever be the same!

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  2. Always LOVED them… There used to be distributors here in Canada and I always saw them as a kid and decided I would buy one when I was old enough. Unfortunately by then one couldn’t get a Citroen and no parts available so no-one would fix them if something went awry.
    Of course “whathisname” on The Mentalist had one that ran perfectly…


    • I love them too. Our neighbour has one, albeit a 10 year old model, not a classic DS. He’s often out there staring at it. I’d like to tell you that he’s admiring its beauty. But he then spends an hour or two under the bonnet, so I’m guessing it’s simply doing its bit to maintain Citroen’s unfortunate reputation for reliabilty, or lack thereof.

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  3. Jason Stratham, who I think we all know is the original Adam who God stretched out his finger to when he created human beings, seems lately to be surrounding his presence with Audi — either R8 or R10. And his credentials via Transporter and Fast and Furious are impressive so naturally we would say “he would know”.

    Even his sedan is an Audi S8. That one however seems to be used mainly by his wife, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who I think we all know is the original Venus painted by Botticelli if you throw a nightie and some Victoria’s Secret angel wings on Venus. But it seems that Stratham does take the S8 to the grocery store occasionally, probably because he can’t stuff both his son and groceries into an R8 without having to compress his son into the boot.

    As for the rest of us troglodyte mortals, we sit around on the couch dreaming of winning the lottery and getting a 2006 Porsche 911 4S, because yes, in the immortal words of Tom Cruise, there really is no substitute.


    • Audi has become a bit…how shall we say? Chavish. In the UK at least. Now, if I have to pick a supercar for my collection, rather than an everyman’s classic. Well, I think I’d go for the Jaguar XJ220. Just to look at. If I have to drive it? Well, perhaps I’d pick an alternative. There’s a whole range of Aston Martins that rather tickle my fancy.


      • The XJ200 is Ferrari type — gorgeous but as a daily driver you hit any kind of a common Spokane pothole and it would total the thing. You even have to ease over speedbumps. Not to mention they will never get out of 2nd gear in the city. The rest of the XJ series is certainly fine and practicable, though. Strangely, I wouldn’t mind having the Jag F-pace SUV. Because deer. Certainly would survive hitting a deer at 70 mph in an F-pace.
        As for Martin Aston Martin DB9 — oh yeah definitely.


        • The XJ220 doesn’t even fit between a standard set of width restrictions. Every journey out would need a good deal of planning. I remember a lot of XJ220 owners were a bit upset when, shortly after splashing out a deposit, Jag revealed the XJR15 with its fancy V12 engine.

          I’d still have a Range Rover over the Jag SUV, nice as it is. But yeah. Aston DBs. Always special.


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