#TBT Gooooooool

I have been to watch a day of sports at the Olympics. I’ve seen Liverpool FC play at Wembley. I’ve cheered on Mexico at the Estadio Azteca. But there are still a few more sporting events that I want to see in the flesh. I must see Liverpool play at Anfield. Hopefully next season. I have long wanted to watch a session of the World Snooker Championship at the Crucible in Sheffield – I have a ticket for the next tournament in April 2019. And my life won’t be complete unless I watch a World Cup game. And today, that may have just become possible. Mexico will host the 2026 World Cup, along with the US and Canada.

Frankly, I think the decision is another farce. Either Mexico or the US could host a tournament by themselves. And Canada? If Ice Football was a sport, maybe. But still. The decision has been made, and I’m just over the moon that Mexico will be a host once more. The best two World Cups ever were both held in Mexico, in 1970 and 1986. Let’s hope 2026 can live up to the standards of those two. And I know , 2026 is a long long time away yet. But it’s closer to the present than when I took the photo above, in 2008. Doesn’t time fly? That snap of the Azteca was not taken on  a match day, as you can probably tell. But I did the ‘tour’. And by ‘tour’, I mean I bribed a guy at the gate to let me in for a twenty minute wander.


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