#TBT, Mexico City

#TBT Crushed

Everytime that I am unfortunate to have to see Jacob Rees-Mogg’s ugly mug, I am left with the feeling that I’ve seen the Right Hononourable Member for the 19th Century somewhere before. Somewhere different. And this week, it came to me. I saw it first in Mexico City, the crushed head of the Angel of Independence. The original head, that fell to earth in a quake in the 50s. The resemblance is uncanny. That they are both icons of independence is almost a little eerie. Now, if someone could just give Rees-Mogg a gentle shove and knock him off his pedestal, we’d have a full set of similarities.


2 thoughts on “#TBT Crushed

  1. For those of us on the other side of the pond, care to tell us who Jacob Rees Mogg is? (I know, I should “google” his name myself instead of being so lazy.) 🙂


    • Urgh, where does one even begin with this detestable creature? At first glance, you might think he looks a smart cookie. His upper class accent and tone of voice would seem to confirm that. More careful examination of the words that spew from his mouth actually show that he’s quite the opposite of smart.

      Having said that, he has (like a number of arch Brexiters) already opened offices in EU countries for their own companies in preparation for Brexit.


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