Dear America

A couple of years ago, when we were burgled, the police ran down the culprit. They found his fingerprints on an inside window pane. They obtained CCTV footage of him buying bottles of booze from a convenience store with my debit card. They found him with stolen goods in his possession. He was, to put it mildly, a notorious habituable offender. And he was caught red-handed. Bang to rights. An open and closed case. Beyond any reasonable doubt.

I gave a statement of course. Imagine, for a moment, that I declared that I’d spoken to the ‘alleged’ burglar, and he had assured me that he wasn’t responsible. Not me guv! He denied it. Powerfully. Now I’m not sure if I was even burgled to start with. I mean, I didn’t use to get on with the burglar. But now, well we’re just dandy. What inference would be drawn from this type of behaviour? The police would, quite rightly, investigate the burglar for interfering with a witness.

So, dear America. You really need a new president. As a matter of urgency. Waiting him out till twenty twenty just isn’t good enough.


9 thoughts on “Dear America

  1. norm says:

    “You really need a new president”.

    For one point: that seems to be what he wants, as an outsider, he is less accountable and able to build his little movement with more freedom of movement.

    I think he has miscalculated, the power of his office has gone to his head, many of the powers that would be, would as soon put him in a cage for the rest of his natural life. We are in a constitutional crises, he has committed treason, should be impeached for it but our Congress does not have the stomach for it, so the parade will go on.

    There will be massive Democratic turnout this fall, the Congress will change, the Democrats will not have the numbers to send him off but plenty to block most of his foolishness. The GOP has run its course in this political swing of the pendulum. It is always about turnout and Trump is whipping the Democrats to the polls.

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    • He’s not morally equipped for the role. But far more importantly, he’s not intellectually equipped for the role. And that’s before any consideration is given to his mental health. Has it dawned on him? If so, how does he plan to get out of the hole he’s dug? Because, you’re right, it rather appears that the GOP would rather have a crazy traitor Republican in the WH that a Democrat.

      The Russians have something on him. Whether it actually is the pee pee tape, something along the child sex rumours or, more simply and more likely, financial leverage…maybe we’ll find out one day. I really hope it’s the pee pee tape though.

      I look forward to November. Elections are never sure fire things, as we saw in 2016. But my palm will meet my forehead with almighty force if the Dems don’t take at least one house.


  2. norm says:

    “The Russians have something on him. Whether it actually is the pee pee tape, something along the child sex rumours or, more simply and more likely, financial leverage…maybe we’ll find out one day. I really hope it’s the pee pee tape ”

    I met with one of my old poli sci professors today, he was of your mind on the Donald, leaning toward the money because sex scandal seems to help him with his base. I’ve always figured it was the money, with a dyed in the wool facist like Trump, it is always about the money.


    • I think he’d struggle if a pee pee tape of any reasonable quality surfaced. It’s a step beyond any allegation of groping. But my money is still on his money. Or the Russian money that he’s had…


  3. Excellent analogy. I thought that we had seen rock bottom with his separation of children from their parents… but no, it just keeps getting worse and more unbelievable. How any person with half a brain can support this “pendejo” is beyond my understanding.


  4. Colm says:

    I think Trump is in early dementia and the democrats are letting him run with it to totally destroy the republicans hope of ever recovering. It will be a slam dunk recovery for them too!


    • I can’t diagnose all that’s wrong with the fellow’s mental health. But there’s clearly something wrong. At the very least, his narcissism is off the chart. Norm pointed out (on another post) how he and the people around him are accusing the other side of what they themselves are guilty. Trump Derangement Syndrome is just one more example of that.


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