My New Toy

I couldn’t help myself. My head had been turned by the new entry level Fuji XT100, and my plotting started. I thought I could save a bit of money having a body only model brought back from the US at Christmas. But this plan had four key drawbacks. A body only model left me a lens short if Mrs P wanted to use my old Fuji X-M1. The savings from buying the camera in the US weren’t so grand. I’d have to wait till just past Christmas. And this wasn’t really the camera that I wanted.

What I wanted was the X-T20. And that’s what I’ve got. I bought it from Fuji’s own online refurbished store. With a new lens – the XF23mm f2.0. If I’d bought both from new, my wallet would have been £1118 lighter. Buying refurbished cost me £749, a saving of £369. Fuji warn that items might have cosmetic blemishes, but both the camera and lens I have are perfect. Like new. I am a happy chappy.

The X-T20 is a very significant upgrade over my X-M1. It has a new XTrans 24mp sensor, rather that the old 16mp one. It has a decent EVF – the X-M1 had just a rather mediocre LCD screen. It boasts a nice array of manual dials. And the technology inside is five years newer, so things like auto focus worker faster and better. It is, arguably, my first real camera. I shall treasure it and put it to good use.


3 thoughts on “My New Toy

  1. Colm says:

    That looks like a fantastic deal Gary.
    Fuji apparently only sell reconditioned units in England and Europe but not in the US or Canada. You would think that the market would be bigger here although Canada has a total population of less than forty million.
    Other than that it is possible to buy reconditioned ones from China through eBay but with the Canadian dollar being so low it makes it very expensive and not worth the price.


    • I took it down the pier to try and get a good shot of the Red Moon on Saturday. Alas, after weeks and weeks and weeks or perfect weather, Mother Nature decided we’d been spoiled enough and blanketed the country in thick cloud.

      I’ve read North Americans on various Fuji and photo forums lamenting a lack of a refurbished store in your part of the world. Maybe one day.


  2. Congrats, enjoy!

    My idea of ‘photography’ these days is taking screen shots on my phone of information I want to keep on internet sites.

    Although I did take a photo of a tree a few months ago. 🙂


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