Inspired by my trip to Stratford upon Avon, I’ve decided that I should probably invigorate the quality of my writing by making up some brand new words. Canaffiti is high quality urban graffiti found along waterways in British cities. London’s canals have become very hip. Besides long standing locations like Camden Lock with its trendy market, new restaurants and bars are opening up along the waterfront, offering international options to a young clientele. The canals themselves can be a bit rough around the edges, but the twopaths make for a fabulous walk or, if it’s not too busy, bike ride. And you’ll be treated to some pretty spectacular spray painting as you go.


4 thoughts on “Canaffiti

  1. Thought about siring my own words but given the state of the world and all decided to adopt instead: Have been studing old english.

    Tons of very cool words. My favorite so far — “sinsorg”
    = “eternal sorrow”.

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      • Well there’s ‘heofontorht’ = ‘heavenly bright, glorious’. You might have to be dead for that one. Or a member of a black congregationalist church.

        There’s also ‘sincgewæge’ = ‘abundance of treasure’. I do at least keep hoping for that, I really do. But I’m now suspecting that takes one of those heofonlīc words. 😊


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