Ten Years

The older one gets, the more one’s calendar seems to fill up with memorable dates. But today’s is special. Ten years ago today, on the 08/08/08, the Beijing Olympics opened with a lavish ceremony. Oh, and Mrs P and I got hitched. A less lavish ceremony in Milwaukee. But just as fabulous. And I bet we’re in better shape than a lot of that Olympic infrastructure. Congratulations to us. And here’s to another decade of happiness. And another after that. And so on.


15 thoughts on “Ten Years

  1. Colm says:

    Congratulations on your tenth wedding anniversary. It’s a special day for you both! My mother said ours would never last, may be she was right it has only been thirty three years..
    There are many things thrown at us in life, some good but many sent to try us. If we are fortunate we grow stronger together and grow to respect and love one another in the process. I can see things are working out for you two which is wonderful. I have seen many fall by the way side, maybe everything came too easily for them or they hadn’t the patience to keep up or they just didn’t take up the challenge.
    Anyway Carm and I will raise a glass to you and Mrs P and wish you all the best for the next ten years.


    • Milwaukee wasn’t Plan A. Mexico City was originally Plan A. I happened to have a Mexican friends who’d married a Brit in DF the year before. She offered to jot down some helpful notes for me. Which turned out to be 4 pages of A4. Both sides. With small writing. I ideally needed to be baptised, and a billion documents needed to be completed, translated, notarised, submitted etc etc. And this is before one even gets to the delaying tactics used to elicit bribes. And that’s when Milwaukee was promoted to Plan A.

      Mrs P has half her family in Milwaukee. It cost about $100 for a marriage license and was as easy as pie.


  2. Well after ten years the warranty expires, you can’t take her back now, nor she you, so — guess I’ll just say that I hope you both have ten happy more.

    Ah, the Beijing Olympics. I never will forget the wonderful rowing event that year, with the rowers taking off at dawn through the steaming waters through the plastic refuse and the fish corpses. Memories!


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