Fuji X-T20 First Impressions

I have no unboxing video for you. I don’t get the fad for unboxing videos. I know what a box looks like. I know how to open a box. Can we just see the product, por favor? I’ve also no intention of producing a series of tutorial videos. They’ve already been done, and done better than I could do. If you’re interested in learning how to get started with an X-T20, I highly recommend watching the relevant videos on Omar Gonzalez’ YouTube channel. I watched a few just before my camera arrived, and they were a very helpful introduction.

I can share my initial observations though. I think it’s a good looking camera. All the Fuji X series cameras have that stylish retro look. I’m a fan. It’s a nice sized camera too. It’s big enough to feel substantial in the hand. Small enough to fit into a little bag. Its weight is just right. Why do people still buy bulky DSLRs from Canon and Nikon? They’re mad*. I love having a viewfinder, something my old camera lacked. The LCD tilts up and down, which isn’t just great but essential. The fixed LCD X-E3 model was a non-starter for that sole reason when it came to choosing a new camera.

The improvement in image quality is really noticeable. A huge jump over my aged X-M1. So it should be. It’s not just a newer model, by five years. It’s also a jump from the budget end to the mid range of Fujis X series cameras. I love the way the controls are set up too. There’s a dial for shutter speed and there’s plenty of customiseable buttons and wheels. I immediately set the wheel on the back to manage ISO settings. Want to shoot fully auto? There’s a lever on top to do that. I don’t, so it’s set to off .

The mode dial does away with PASM settings. Set the aperature ring to auto, shutter dial to auto and ISO to auto, and you’re fully in auto. Change the aperature and you’re in aperature mode. Change the shutter speed and you’re in shutter priority. And so on. It’s quick and simple and I like it a lot.

There’s one more feature that I will share with you. For me, it’s perhaps the most important one, even though Fuji fail to promote it. The X-T20 is ten times the camera that my X-M1 is. Lots of new tech on the inside. Great new features on the outside. But to the untrained eye, they have a very similar look. As a result, I have been able to take it out and shoot with it three times now without Mrs P noticing that I do in fact have a new camera.

  • Well, I guess if you’ve a huge collection of lenses, then perhaps you’re stuck with Nikon or Canon. But even so, I think I’d probably just sell them all off and start again…

8 thoughts on “Fuji X-T20 First Impressions

  1. I’m still using my ancient Sony W120. Main reason is I use the phone camera mostly. Secondary reason: Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar. Call me old fasioned but I love the poetry of those Zeiss lenses.


    • I do rather think that if one has made the decision to go ‘mirrorless’, the two principal options are Sony and Fuji. They both have different strengths and neither have any weaknesses.

      Afficionados of Panasonic and Olympus MFT models will disagree with me, I’m sure. Both make fabulous cameras and they offer better value for money. But their sensors are just that wee bit smaller, and it does make a difference…


  2. Wow, that’s definitely not a cheap camera. I hope it takes fabulous pictures. Maybe you could post a few, and if you’re feeling wonky, maybe with comparisons to pictures snapped with its predecessor.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where we are still burdened with a heavy Canon DSLR and kit.


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