Fuji 23mm f2.0

I’ve had a Goldilocks moment with my new Fuji X-T20. I bought it with a new prime lens, the weather resistant 23mm f2.0. I’ve had a few prime lenses from the Fuji XF range over the last five years. The 60mm f2.4 was a nice portrait lens, but it was an unnecessary extravagance considering how little I used it. For practical everyday use, the field of view was too narrow. So I sold it. Same goes for my 35mm f1.4. Bit too narrow, but less so and it’s a bright lens so I kept it. I bought the 28mm f2.8, but still just a little bit too narrow, so I sold that one too. I hoped the 23mm would suit me better. And it does. Indeed, it’s just right. Perfect. Taking account of the crop factor, it is effectively a 35mm lens, and I now understand why pros like that focal length so much.


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