Umbrella Brella Brella

Umbrellas make unusual street art. But art is art. And Mary Poppins 2 is on the horizon, so it’s topical. This street is in Cherbourg, a small port in Normandy, not so far from the beaches that the allies stormed on D-Day. Mrs P and I visited on a day trip from Poole, one of the English ports from whence the D-Day troops departed. Our ferry across the channel was a far more relaxed and comfortable affair that the troops enjoyed in 1945. Our greeting at the other end of the cruise was a lot more cordial too. Ferry employees shooting off instructions is considerably more preferable than German soldiers shooting machine guns.




6 thoughts on “Umbrella Brella Brella

    • Well, that explains everything! They didn’t look like a WW2 leftover – umbrellas don’t do an awful lot to protect against falling shells.

      Mrs P now wants to watch the movie. Hmmm….


  1. Witches jumping from building with umbrellas being used like parachutes in on a series. Other tales using umbrellas as a backdrop. Wish I could recall the many instances. But those at Cherbourg take the prize for being so full of color! Sometimes the text does not matter as much as the visuals.
    Take care, Gary.


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