I’ve used Flickr, as a paying subscriber, for over a decade. And I’ve been a happy subscriber, for two reasons. Firstly, Flickr displays photos beautifully with powerful organisational tools in the background. Secondly, because although Flickr hasn’t done much with regards innovation for years and years, there’s still no other photography sharing site that comes close to beating Flickr’s product. Till now…

Flickr does a great job of Social. It does a less than stellar job of Personal. By that, I mean some of the automated functions found in both Google and Apple Photos. I’m rather embedded in the latter, being an iPhone and Mac user. I love checking out the Memories tab in Apple Photos and either looking through a trip from a few years ago, or watching the video they have created from the album.

Apple Photos has also got plenty of organisational tools, presents photo albums even more beautifully than Flickr and completely wipes the floor with Flickr when it comes to photo editing. I’ve been working on transferring my photo collection, year by year, over to Apple Photos. Flickr needs to get working on catching up to the competition. It still wins as far as social sharing goes – one of Apple’s weak points. But I am beginning to find that the ability to display my photo collection to the entire world is less important to me than it once was.



7 thoughts on “Memories

  1. “I am beginning to find that the ability to display my photo collection to the entire world is less important to me than it once was.”

    Are we just aging along with social media? I feel the same way about my writing. I still enjoy it, but I do not get the same zest I once did when I hit the “publish” button.


    • I am growing tired of social media. It has its good points, which are mostly in the form that social media intended to take – sharing fun stuff and photos between friends. But there’s just so much nonsense passed around too. It’s quite dispiriting to realise that so many people are just so gullible. Truth be told Steve, it’s only the voyeuristic side of Facebook that keeps me on the platform.

      As for photography and blogging. Neither have been quite as much fun since my Mexico days. When I lived in DF, I felt I was building a decent photography archive. These days, not so much. I still like taking photos, as much as I ever did. But I care more about how I might enjoy them than I do about how others see them. I haven’t linked to one of my Flickr albums on my blog for ages, for example…


  2. Nice vid.

    AND totally off topic, but for some reason it occurred to me seeing your image in the photos that with a short-cropped beard you would greatly resemble Doctor Strange.

    Maybe that could get you inspired again: Doctor Strange in Liverpool. “This was just moments before I reversed time and caused all those tankers you see to go back to China.”


  3. I also was a user of flickr… the came the great Yahoo debacle. So, without thinking, I simply deleted all personal information there (as much as one can) and deleted the Yahoo account without thinking of the ramifications to Flickr.
    To be honest in my present condition, I really do not regret deleting my account or loosing all the stuff I had to Flickr. Perhaps one day I will revisit these photo sharing sites… I did enjoy Flickr.
    But everything that was there is backed up.


    • Yahoo didn’t really do much to Flickr, for good or bad. It got updated now and then. I doubt I’ll abandon Flickr, as things stand. It’s useful as a storage silo. Will I carry on paying $25 a year? That is what is now in question.

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