The End

Fifteen years, two months and twenty one days ago I wrote my first blog post. Today, I write the last. It’s been fun – mostly – but these days I seem to blog largely for the sake of blogging. And too much of it involves typing angrily into the internet with little real purpose. I wrote that first post as an optimistic 30 year old, about to embark on a backpacking trip of a lifetime through Mexico, full of wonder at the world surrounding me. I write today as a slightly jaded 45 year old, rather fed up with the amount of ignorance and prejudice that has come to the fore, and unconvinced that the planet is heading in the right direction. Fifteen years is quite a long time. The world has changed greatly. As have I. I am sure you have too.

Was all that tapping into a keyboard worth it? I’ve no idea how many words I’ve put into bits and bytes, but I’m sure they add up to a fair number of books worth. But yes, it’s been worth it. Every now and then I read some stuff I’d written long ago. A lot of it is more poorly written than I’d like. But they bring back some wonderful memories nonetheless. There was also the revenue that this blog generated between 2007 and 2011, which amounted to a most welcome sum of several tens of thousands of dollars. Alas, the days of gaming Google’s search algorithm are long gone. But perhaps most of all, it was worth it for the people I’ve met – online and off -, the friends I’ve made and the experiences that came from those interactions. Thanks to you all. Especially those that still linger on here.

Fifteen years is enough, don’t you think? But ‘The End’ comes with a pair of caveats. Firstly, I have an alternative photography blog. But it’s just photos. Maybe the occasional helpful travel tip. And conversations in the comments section if someone strikes one up. Secondly, one day I will hopefully retire and return to Mexico. And I suspect I might well start this blogging business up again. Right here – I’ll carry straight on from where I leave off today. When will that be? In an ideal world, I’d love to be able to quit work at 60 years of age. So, that will be in about fifteen years from now…

So long for now folks. It’s been a blast.


15 thoughts on “The End

  1. Didn’t you say you were ending the blog a while ago, and then started up again? Well, I hope you change your mind once again because I will miss your blog. Keep in touch. I am a dinosaur and don’t have Facebook, but you can always write a comment on my blog. Our paths still have not crossed either in Mexico or England. Hopefully that will happen some day.


    • I previously pondered the idea of quitting. But didn’t go through with it. Will I change my mind? Never say never, but I have no plans to do so. Maybe if Trump is impeached/Article 25’d and Brexit overturned, I’ll reconsider!

      Less blogging will give me more time for more productive stuff. Including commenting. I do wish you’d change your commenting system though, amigo!

      And yes, if you come over here or I over there, then we’re overdue a beer…

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  2. I could see the writing on your wall for a while Gary, to be honest I stopped reading a lot of blogs last year many of which I enjoyed immensely, Steve’s, Kim G and Felipe, Joanna in Merida. And then Disqus went belly up too! I used to be an agony uncle of sorts on an obscure yahoo motorcycle site from around 1998 onwards which gravitated to Farcebook but now I see my own words being passed on by others which is gratifying in a way. An old pal who contributed in a similar way to another marque said he quit a few years back as he didn’t feel relevant anymore.
    Perhaps you will return to scribbling some more and then perhaps not. I hope that you and the Girl on a ferry have a wonderful life together. I will follow your adventures with your camera antics of course.

    ps I will skip skips

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  3. I fully understand your position. I have been there a couple of times myself. You should know that you have brought a lot of joy into people’s lives by allowing us to share part of yours. And, even thiough we have our political disagreemebts, your opinions are always thoughtful and cause me to re-examine my own. And isn’t that what the liberal order is designed to do?

    I will leave your link on my blog roll for a year. If you choose to return, any new post will jump you to the head of the queue.

    England may soon call me again. If so, we will need to share a lunch, some laughs, and stories of your not-too-distant retirement.

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    • I would be genuinely upset if you stopped blogging Steve. Don’t ever think my sporadic commenting means I’m not following along every post. The Mexpatriate is a tangible, unchanging link to my own life in Mexico. I would miss your missives greatly. So keep blogging on – you’re retired so you’ve no excuse! If I’ve brought anyone half the joy your blog has given me, then that’s another reason to declare that my efforts were worth it.

      And, even though we have our political disagreements, your opinions are always thoughtful and cause me to re-examine my own. And isn’t that what the liberal order is designed to do?

      Absolutely. My politics evolves and my mind is changed – even if only slightly – all the time. Every time it happens, it’s a small victory. I’m pretty sure that one is only defeated when one ceases to learn. You and Norm in particular have both helped me to numerous small victories over the years. I admire you both for your calm temperaments. Most of us would do well to do the same.

      And should you visit this side of the pond, I’d be disappointed if you didn’t let me know. My treat next time…

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  4. Strange, but I have gone the opposite route — turned off the 12 hours of repetitious human stupidity and/or dumb memes on Facebook, but going back to maybe one blog post every once in a while.

    You were the best blogger on Opera. And afterward, continuing it on for so long — an amazing thing in my view.

    Got a link to that photo blog? At least I can see your always serious face now and then. 😉


    • The MyOpera years were great, weren’t they? They had such a lively community going. It’s a great shame they quit the blogging industry, on behalf of all the bloggers using the platform…

      I’m not convinced I was the greatest blogger. But you were most definitely the number one commenter!

      Yes, the link is:

      And don’t quite Facebook old chum! It’s still a good place to stay in touch.Hope all is well.


  5. Hola Gary!
    Well, I can’t say that I blame you. I’m in almost the same position as you, save for not having formally announced an end. I do think about blogging, and think about post ideas, but somehow I don’t feel the spark that I once did. Also, since I’d like to keep my blog about Mexico, living in California isn’t exactly helping.

    But I will remain eternally grateful for our friendship, and your encouragement for me to start my own blog. It was certainly a lot of fun during my roadtrip and my Mexico City sojourn. And I hope we can remain in touch via email. I do fear your tendency to change email addresses, though. Maybe you could just drop me a quick “test” email if you feel like it.

    Anyway, best of luck with non-blogging.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where our own blog continues to wither slowly.

    P.S. Your writing has improved by leaps and bounds since I started reading, so if nothing else, that’s a permanent gain for you.

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    • Hola Kim,

      Good to hear from you again. Do you need to ‘retire’ from blogging? I don’t think you do. Your posts come as and when you have something to say. I feel my blogging has become a habit, one that I indulge in too often, regardless as to whether or not I have anything of value to contribute to the literary world. Sometimes, it’s just best to draw a line under a habit. Keep away. Quit. At least for now.

      We do have our Mexican retirement plan though. Blogging is a game for people with a little bit of excess time on their hands, and that’s just not me these days. I rarely touch my Mac at home, and trying to blog between customers at work is frankly irritating. Edit: Indeed, I’ve gone through a dozen of them just writing this.

      I do look through old posts sometimes. It’s a bit like browsing through old photo albums. And my writing has definitely improved, and thank you for noticing. It took me a few years to realise I really didn’t need to end every sentence with an exclamation mark for unnecessary dramatic effect! I think I have consistently provided a decent level of irony though…*

      It’s a little bit of a shame that you’re not on Facebook, Kim. But I understand your reasons for staying away, and certainly have my own reservations and concerns as to how well ‘social media’ is working out for society. So email it will have to be. I just did a check on my old Gmail account for the first time in a long time, and there you are. I’ll send a quick test email from my current email address on my iPhone** in a minute, so that your contacts are up to date. I’ll try my best to reply properly when I do get a few minutes at my computer at home. I’ll likely stick with this email for the forseeable. I have truly swallowed the Apple pill.

      And, of course, I remain hopeful that we will yet get to have another Mexico City photowalk at some point in the near future. We do plan on visiting next year, but haven’t yet decided when. Should we be there for Independence Day (my choice) or Day of the Dead? Which is Mrs P’s favoured timeframe. Either way, I’m looking forward to it – I have always missed Mexico City terribly. And frankly, we could both probably do with spending some time in a Trump/Brexit free zone eating tacos and gossiping about the many Mexican idiosyncrasies on display…

      Speak soon, amigo.

      Ending sentences with three full stops is more my thing now, anyway.

      ** I have just purchased the iPhone Xs. It is truly a wonder of the modern world.

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