2957961759_95f78d88c9_oI lived in Mexico City from May 2005 to February 2011, teaching Business English, travelling from home to companies around the city to teach my students at their place of work. I have worked for companies such as GMAC, Intel, Eli Lilly and more.

My passion is photography, and Mexico was a great place to be for taking snaps. Architecture, people, colours, food – there is so much to point a camera at. I have a Flickr Pro account with lots of Mexico inspired photos, which you can find through my Photo page.

I returned to live in the UK in February 2011, seeking to settle down with my wife, get good jobs and live happy comfortable lives. So was the plan. The economy isn’t thus far being helpful, although we do at least have jobs and are working at being as happy as possible in a frugal sort of way.

I married Paola in 2008, on the 8th August 2008 to be precise – not an easy date to forget! Being 08/08/08. Hopefully it will prove to be as lucky a date as the Chinese say it is. So far, so good. The photo below shows us truly on top of the world. Or, at least, nearly on top of the Nevado de Toluca.