What’s In A Name?

I have uploaded 15,819 photos to my Flickr account over an eleven year period. Although some were taken before I joined up with Flickr but were uploaded later. Say, about a thousand images. Or less. At the time of writing, my photos have been viewed a total of 1,140,466 times. Which suggests I should probably have used Flickr as my blog, not WordPress. Continue reading “What’s In A Name?”

The Flickr Decade

In August 2006 I paid up for a Flickr Pro account. I’ve had a decade of use on the platform now, and still love it.  Since 2006 I’ve swapped cameras multiple times, changed blogging platforms a half dozen times but I’ve never found anything that is an improvement on Flickr. It’s cheap, it’s reliable, it’s versatile and it looks great on any device.

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The Future of Flickr

Come August, I will have had my Flickr Pro account for 10 years. I originally signed up sometime in 2005, but it took a while before I was convinced to part with my hard earned cash for a paid account. A decade, 15,000 photos and over 1 million views later, I consider that to have been a great decision. Money well spent. Flickr has had its ups and downs, but it remains, in my opinion, the best photo sharing/storeage site on the web. Continue reading “The Future of Flickr”

Seventh Heaven

There’s a few ways Flickr measures the popularity of a photo. Total views is one. Interestingness is another, although the algorithm they use to define ‘interesting’ is a bit weird. The other measure is more deliberate. Favourites, which visitors take the time to click the necessary icon. Not that they click often. But some photos get more clicks than others. I have four photos tied on seven ‘Faves’. This is the most recent addition to that select group. Why someone was looking so far back in my photostream though, is a mystery…


Adios 2013

This is my final published photo of the year. It’s a bit crappy but the best of a poor bunch. And a reminder that I really do need to get myself a decent lens. It’s also photo number 1685 for the year. So it has been quite a productive twelve months, bringing my total tally on Flickr up to 12,257. Happy New Year to you all, and a phototastic 2014 🙂


Flickr – Your Best Shot 2013

It’s that time of year again. The end of the year. Time to sift through the last years snaps to choose my finest effort and upload it to the Flickr 2013 Best Of group. There’s a few to choose from, taken far and wide. Marrakech, Krakow, Brighton, Bournemouth, London, Amsterdam, Arundel and more. I’ve had a nice half hour on a photo tour of my last year, picking the ones I like and then whittling them down to a manageable number. I picked a Baker’s Dozen as the final candidates for my photo of the year. Here are the 12 runners up…

However, I can submit just one photo to the group. Some of the photos above were ‘almost great’. The two ladies at the wedding? And someone else’s elbow. The photo of Mrs P was nice. But her face needed just a bit more light and clarity. The bird in the pond, just too little definition of its feathers for my liking. The Auschwitz photo came out nicely, but it is oh so cliche. The castle shots would look great in a magazine. But would they suit a gallery? Methinks not.

The reflection of river side houses in Krakow was definitely a possibility. But in the end I decided against it. I picked a photo that is, like the Auschwitz sigh, potentially a little common. But I had used a few filters to give it an arty twist. And it just looks nice. Perfectly printable. And so, I present to you, my Best Shot 2013 – a capsule of the London Eye in mid flight. Now, what was your best shot of 2013?


Flickr Forward

Yahoo’s renewed enthusiasm for Flickr under Marissa Mayer is a continuing work in progress. There have been several developments recently. The first is their photo view page. This was introduced in a beta mode a few months back, but with a whole load of features missing. Too many features missing to make it usable as far as I was concerned. But they’ve fleshed out the photo view page substantially. You can still opt out if you wish. But I’ve opted in, and will stay in. It’s now good enough. I can now view different photo sizes and add to galleries, the lack of which was previously the deal breaker for me.



You can now also create photo books directly from Flickr. This is an obvious addition to make, and quite frankly you’d have thought that Flickr would have had an in house book/calender/poster/canvas printing solution sorted out long ago. There’s a problem with the photo books though. The design features are limited. So limited that Blurb and others are still the better options as far as I’m concerned. The second failing means that a Flickr book definitely won’t be heading to my coffee table for the moment. They ship only to the US, So why even give me the option? Yahoo knows I’m from the UK…



Every now and then, my Flickr stats go crazy, with sudden spikes in traffic. Usually it’s just for one day. This month I’ve had a huge increase in traffic, with several spikes in the last few days. I’ve looked deeper into the stats to try and find out why, but am none the wiser other than Flickr themselves are the referrer. I’d love to know where they all come from when this sort of thing happens. Still, I’m not grumbling.

So all is good in the Flickrverse. Except for one thing. Which is becoming a real sore point. Load times for photos. Flickr takes far too long to put photos on the screen.


Flow versus Judder

My last post was about ‘The Flow’ in 500px. I omitted to say it was a new version of their Flow. Replacing what was already an excellent wall of beautiful photos.  Compare this to Flickr, which tries to do something similar. But with Flickr, it’s more of a judder. As the title of the post rather indicates. I’ve looked at my photos on different computers with different OS and different browsers. And all too often with the same result. This….


And this, on the Sets page…


I’m not impressed. At best, Flickr loads slowly and patchily. At worst, it sometimes fails to completely load every image at all. I know the Flickr team are working hard to make things better. But all too often it’s one step forward, one step back…

Triple Faves

I can measure how popular one of my photos is on Flickr. I can see how many views a photo has received. I can see who is sharing/using a photo. And visitors can also ‘favourite’ a photo if it really takes their fancy. Some photos get multiple ‘likes’. A long time ago, I created a set to store photos that had been favourited three times or more. There isn’t a huge list of them. Not so many people bother to press the favourite button.

There’s quite a mix of photos in the set. You can see them by clicking here. Some of my better photos are there. And a few odd choices too. But hey, I didn’t do the choosing. The latest entry is one of those odd choices. A prize for the person who can name the location without checking the Exif data…


Flickr’s New Photo Page

I started this blog a few months ago, railing at the new Flickr. The things I didn;t like still grate a little. But I’ve come to tolerate them. As much as I was angered by that horrible banner, I still can’t see a digital photographic life entirely outside of Flickr. It’s also clear that the Flickr gang are still working on the site. One of my peeves was that the new look was incomplete, laid over the old infrastructure which was still visible.

They may be about to solve some of that. There’s a new Photo View page on the way. There’s a screen shot above. And another below, showing the rather slick sharing option. I had a good poke around and I officially give it my thumbs up. The old Flickr is gone from this new view. It’s all new Flickr. That’s a good thing. It has to be new or old, not bits of both.

Having said that, I’ve opted straight out. It’s work in progress that they plan to implement later in the year and is currently missing some key features. I need some of those features, including the ability to download the image in a size of my choice. They do say they’re adding the old features back in. I greatly look forward to the finished article.


Flickr Blogging

If I were a pure ‘stats junkie’, I’d use Flickr not just for my photos, but to blog from to. I get far more exposure there than I do here, or on the Mexile proper. Check out the screenshot above. Only twice in the last month did I get fewer than 200 views. Eight days saw more than 1,000 visitors. One day topped 3000. Th rest were mostly between 600 to 800. It won’t be long before I hit half a million views in total.

I might experiment one of these days, and write a blog post to upload with a photo. Just to see if it increases views on that photo and whether I get much interaction from visitors. I’d be interested to see what happens. I won’t make a habit of it though. While you can blog from Flickr, the comments system is a bit meh, and the whole operation is nowhere near as slick as WordPress. But perhaps I should try and utilise those views more, given my desire to monetise my blogs. Perhaps just adding my web address to each photo I upload.