#TBT The Missing Mignons

I recently stumbled across a trio of old photos, which has me sorted for three weeks worth of Throw Back Thursday material. This is the oldest one, taken in the early 90s. Can I provide a more precise date? Well, that sofa belonged in the family home in London before my parents upped sticks and moved to the south coast in late 1993, so the shot was taken before that point. The sofa didn’t go with them because the rather adorable German Continue reading “#TBT The Missing Mignons”

#TBT Two Days Before

Today, I go back just a little under eighteen months, to June 21st 2016. This was the last photo I took and published before the EU Referendum. When I pressed that shutter release, the UK looked set to remain in the EU. And Donald Trump was still something of a joke, with the punch line to come at any moment – at his expense. Those were better times. But you can see those dark clouds Continue reading “#TBT Two Days Before”

#TBT Marrakech

Today I look back to a trip Mrs P and I took just over four years ago to Marrakech, Morocco. It was a fabulous trip, with all the key ingredients. Warm sunshine on our faces, generous hospitality, culture, art and the beautiful, intricate architectural wonders that exist across the Islamic world. The destruction of large swathes of the Middle East is a tragedy that will negatively affect generations of the people that live there. And has deprived the world of many of its man made wonders forever. Continue reading “#TBT Marrakech”

#TBT Ometepe

This story starts in the very late 1980s, about 15 years before this photo was taken. I went on a fishing trip with a friend of my dad’s. It was a day trip off the south coast, about 9 miles into the English Channel. I hadn’t at that point in my life been much of a mariner. One trip on a large car ferry across the channel to France was the sum total of my sea faring experience. But I had plans. Big plans. I had my application to join the Royal Navy filled out and ready to post. I can’t remember now what sort of job in the navy I was hoping to get. This trip was to be good practice to test my sea legs. Continue reading “#TBT Ometepe”

#TBT Auschwitz

Mrs P and I visitied Auschwitz during the last days of winter in 2013. I imagine that winter makes a visit to Auschwitz a more ‘authentic’ experience. It’s bleak, gloomy, cold and foreboding. I haven’t been in summer, but I imagine the area is quite pretty and peaceful at that time of year. Adjectives that are quite at odds with the camp’s history. But all trips to Auschwitz are a little surreal. Continue reading “#TBT Auschwitz”

#TBT A City Icon

Most cities have an architectural landmark that is appropriated as an icon. More often than not, it’s a tower of sorts or at least something that towers over the surrounding area. London has the Elizabeth Tower. Paris the Eiffel Tower. New York, the Empire State Building. And Mexico City has the Angel of Independence. A golden lady with a generous bust and Red Bull style wings over-looking the metropolis from a lofty perch. Her image is used on taxis, tourist literature and all sorts of Continue reading “#TBT A City Icon”

#TBT The Forever Traveller

I’m looking forward to our trip to India later this year. But today I’m looking back on my trip to Sri Lanka. I spent two fabulous weeks there in the spring of 2003. Whenever I look at travel photos, books or programs, I become a little wistful. I’d usually rather be there than here. But one can’t easily be a permanent traveller.

Except, some actually do manage it. On the day this photo was taken, at an elephant sanctuary Continue reading “#TBT The Forever Traveller”

#TBT Cairo

I spent six days in Cairo one summer in the early noughties, before heading off to Sharm el Sheikh on the Sinai peninsula for a further three days. I travelled with a friend, whose ginger hair, pale skin and freckles were not entirely suited to the climate of north Africa. The furnace like heat from the midday sun was, at that time, the biggest issue for western travellers. Continue reading “#TBT Cairo”

#TBT The Sphinx

My, this is a real throwback for Throw Back Thursday. A whole fourteen years ago, from my first foreign escapade. Egypt was the one country on earth that I ever really wanted to see with my own eyes. My dream holiday is still a trip to Egypt, specifically a cruise down the Nile. Will it ever happen? Time will tell. The thing that struck me most about the Sphinx? The awful reconstruction work on those giant paws. They’ve been made like new. Which is just wrong, wrong, wrong.


#TBT Metro Coyoacan


Every Thursday on Instagram it is #throwbackthursday. It’s fun. I’ve added a photo the last couple of Thursdays. It’s just a matter of trawling back through the albums and finding an old snap you like, and sharing it on Instagram. I’ll keep it up. And why not post the original image here? Without being squared off and hit with a bunch of funky filters.

Here’s this weeks entry. Metro Coyoacan, with one of the nicest bits of wall art. It’s a relatively clean and peaceful station too. It isn’t the most dramatic or appealing photo I could have chosen. But I spent a lot of time on the metro, and these sort of photos bring back a lot of memories.