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Mexico Monday #2

I’m not the arty type really. My interests lay elsewhere, although I guess one of my favourite past times, photography, is art related. But in Mexico City art is difficult, if not impossible, to avoid. And it’s really very easy to quickly develop an appreciation of the paintings and monuments, and a fascination of the history of Mexico’s famous muralists.

This weeks random post comes from March of 2006, less than a year into my Mexico adventure. I freely confessed my artistic ignorance in a post entitled simply ‘Diego Rivera‘. And whilst I’m still not an ‘arty person’ at heart, I’ve since learned an awful lot more about Diego and his contemporaries.

Rivera’s monumental museum Anahuacalli is not the best place to go to see Rivera masterpieces. For those, you’d go to the National Palace, Bellas Artes, the Rivera museum next to Parque Alameda and elsewhere in the Centro Historico. But Anahuacalli is a ‘must see’. Set a little bit out of the way in Coyoacan, it doesn’t get the visitors in the numbers it deserves. The exhibits on display are very special, and there are some very early and very unique pieces of Riveras own work on display.

And then there’s the building itself. I will go again one day. Till then, I have my photos

Hanging Murals


Museo Nacional de Arte

The Museo Nacional de Arte, more commonly (and easily) known as the Munal, is one of the grandest museums in the city, holding many of the best art treasures kept on permanent display. The building itself is a fabulous example of neoclassical architecture and worth a visit even if art isn’t really up your street. For mountain climbers, there are quite a number of paintings by the likes of Velasco of Izta and Popo. It’s free on Sundays, although they’ll take 5 pesos off you if you want to take photos. I keep meaning to go into the San Ildefonso and buy myself an annual membership card for about 200 pesos which’ll get me into several of the my favourite museums, including this one. No photos today. I created a video instead.


A Nameless Gallery

Just when you think you’ve seen all that the Centro Historico has to offer, someone offers up something new. I didn’t catch the name of this gallery, but it’s easy to find. Right behind the cathedral in the Zocalo, next to the big youth hostel. I don’t know when it opened. Perhaps it has always been open, and I just never noticed, though I find that hard to believe. It’s a stretch of road I travel often. It’s small, but well worth a visit. It boasts two fabulous murals that are worth your time by themselves. I took a few photos – click here to see them.



Museo de Arte de Carrillo Gil

Vodpod videos no longer available.

On Sunday we visited the Museo de Arte de Carrillo Gil, in San Angel. Not for the first time. The exhibitions, almost always of a contemporary nature, change regularly. But I thought I’d do something different that return with a plethora of photos to be uploaded to Flickr and shared. I’ve been in something of a video mode recently, so I present instead a short movie, accompanied by a Chopin soundtrack, of my visit. Admittedly, ¬†the video does mostly comprise photos, but still.

The current exhibition featured a whole floor given over to arty videos, some of which I feature in the vid, albeit briefly. The longer snippet, of two men in a car, had me puzzled for a while. There was something wrong about it. I’ve figured out what now. I’ve also reverted to uploading my videos to YouTube, and you can click on the HD button and see it in higher quality. It really does make a significant difference. Providing you have a reasonable broadband connection. If not, it’ll keep stopping and starting. You can pause it, and wait for it to finish downloading, then play. Or you can just watch the non HD version.