London is a magical place to be at Christmas. To be honest, most cities in Europe and the Americas are magic at Christmas. Apparently, in the US, there’s a War on Christmas. If there is, then I suspect that the ones whining about it and the ones waging it. I suspect Jesus would agree with me. If he existed…


I don’t drink tea. Ghastly stuff. I didn’t drink coffee until early 2004, and only then out of laziness. I worked with someone who brewed up on the hour every hour. It just seemed easier to say yes to a cup, than stand up and go get my own drink. I learned to love coffee. If there’s a choice, Starbucks wins every time. Cafe Nero is a close second. Costa Coffee is a distant third. Recently I went green and bought a reusable cup that gets me 25p off whenever I visit Starbucks. Which is quite often. If I’ve not got an early start at Continue reading “Seven/Four”

Black and White London

For all the troubles, the strife and the stress, London remains the most incredible city to visit. It’s even better if you can afford to live there. I’m still buying my weekly lottery tickets, and living in hope! Till then, I have just these few black and white snaps from our most recent trip. For Flickr click here, and for Google click here.