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The Retro Reader

Retro is all the fashion. VSCO takes my photos and adds film simulations from the heyday of analogue photography. Whenever that actually was. We could debate it, but I’m going to put a shout out for the 70s. My Fuji camera itself, like most Fuji X series cameras is designed with an eye to popular cameras of the 60s and 70s. Music from the 70s and 80s is back in fashion, and Hollywood remakes have now moved onto 90s ‘classics’. My oh my, films from my teens are now classics.  Continue reading


Tax Free Books

A few years ago I ordered a box full of secondhand books from sellers on amazon and had them shipped to Mexico. They arrived safe and sound. And with a big tax bill to pay before I could take possession. Bastards! Haven’t bothered since then. But it turns out that if you have books imported through the Mexican Postal service, they are tax exempt. It doesn’t matter how many books or what type they are. Wish I’d known about this a while ago, assuming it isn’t a brand new policy. Anyway, eBay here I come!

All the postcards I’ve promised to send were posted today, in the magnificent Postal Palace opposite Belles Artes. They had a little exhibition on too, of the Mexican Postal service of the past. And of the stamps being issued to celebrate the Bicentennial.  I’m not much of a stamp collector, but the packs looked pretty neat. Might have to buy myself yet another little souvenir of my time in Mexico…


Night Letters: Inside Wartime Afghanistan

I’ve just finished reading a book so good that I had to post about it! It is as titled above and is an account from a journalist looking to discover more from the world, who found Afghanistan. He made a number of trips there, diving over the Pak-Afghan border during the years of Soviet occupation and muj resistance.

It’s not terribly long but it is a true gem of a book that I recommend to all!