Summer Lottery

The British calendar can be a complicated affair sometimes. Sure, some holiday dates are fixed. Christmas Day and Bonfire night, for example, are always on the 25th December and 5th November. Other dates are fixed-ish. May Day is rarely on 1st May, unlike pretty much everywhere else in the world, but as it is always on the first Monday in May. It’s not too hard to work out. Then there are the variable date holidays. Easter falls sometime Continue reading “Summer Lottery”

DF 2011 Calendar

I’ve reduced the price of my calendar to almost cost, as low as it can be priced, so if you’re still without a way of telling the day this far into January, here is an option! I still haven’t seen it in the flesh, but I did order one as a gift for someone, and the reports were positive. Plus, if you use a coupon code, the total cost including shipping within the US should be just a tad over ten bucks. Click here to see the calendar – there’s a full preview available, and it doesn’t list all US, UK and Mexican dates of importance.

Thirteen Days

That’s how long you have to buy my calendar. Well, you can buy it any time in 2011, but obviously, you lose a certain amount of value as each day passes! You can buy it direct from Lulu for a under US $14. Or, if you live or are visiting Mexico City and happen to know me, I can sell you one for the bargain price of 180 Mexican pesos. No extra shipping costs. I’m ordering myself one tomorrow morning (Sunday) to be shipped to Paola’s mum in the US,  so you have till then to let me know. The down side – I won’t be able to get it to you till January 8th.

Distrito Federal 2011

So. I published the book. But I couldn’t help but notice that Lulu does calendars as well. Did I have twelve calendar worthy photos from the last year, I pondered. Meh. Course I do. Whether you would consider them calendar worthy is another matter.

I’m really getting to like Lulu, although I do wish they’d sort out their Ebook Publishing. That was too much hard work by far, when it should perhaps be the easiest thing they do. I did the Kindle ebook directly through Amazon in the end. And I’ve just sold a virtual copy, so my Amazon reports tell me. Was it a random Amazonian passer by, or will anyone here confess? I didn’t expect one so soon. If at all.

Making a calendar was pretty easy though. Select a dozen photos, plus one extra for the cover. Upload. Choose format, layout and theme. Decide on a price – a few cents over cost. And voila, one calendar. You could, if you really wanted to, buy one from Lulu. Just click here. You can at least see a preview of it by clicking that link by the by. A better preview than the image below.

I did, I must confess, select the smaller of the two sizes, and standard paper. Keep costs down. I might buy one myself, you see. But not having done so quite yet, I can make no promises as to how it comes out in print. I don’t see why it shouldn’t be perfectly acceptable though. It also has US, UK and Mexican holidays and events listed. Just in case that is important to you.