Religious Differences

I stumbled across the photo below when looking through some old snaps of Mexico. Churches and cathedrals in England* and Mexico are very different. As far as cathedrals go, England wins. Hands down. As impressive as the Metropolitan Cathedral is, it is (at least architecturally) a poor cousin of Westminster, St Pauls or Salisbury. In my opinion, anyway.

But cathedrals are few and far between. Churches, in both lands, are everywhere. Churches in England are best suited to the movies. They add great atmosphere as either backdrop or centrepiece on a dark night with a full moon shining eerie light across gothic parapets and adding a ghostly glow to the ground hugging mist.

But Mexican churches are much the better to actually visit. There’s none of the cold, spartan approach the English take to interior design. Every church in Mexico is an art museum unto itself. They ooze charcter and warmth. And, most importantly perhaps, a heavenly connection.

* I often switch between referring to my country as England, Great Britain and the UK. It may seem very random, and sometime is. Often not though. On this occasion I use England because I’ve never been to Scotland, Wales or Ireland. Not once. I’ve only been north of Watford a handful of times. Manchester and Stoke, once each. Leicester twice. All but the Manchester trip was at least a quarter of a century ago. It’s quite shameful, really.

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