Flickr Forward

Yahoo’s renewed enthusiasm for Flickr under Marissa Mayer is a continuing work in progress. There have been several developments recently. The first is their photo view page. This was introduced in a beta mode a few months back, but with a whole load of features missing. Too many features missing to make it usable as far as I was concerned. But they’ve fleshed out the photo view page substantially. You can still opt out if you wish. But I’ve opted in, and will stay in. It’s now good enough. I can now view different photo sizes and add to galleries, the lack of which was previously the deal breaker for me.



You can now also create photo books directly from Flickr. This is an obvious addition to make, and quite frankly you’d have thought that Flickr would have had an in house book/calender/poster/canvas printing solution sorted out long ago. There’s a problem with the photo books though. The design features are limited. So limited that Blurb and others are still the better options as far as I’m concerned. The second failing means that a Flickr book definitely won’t be heading to my coffee table for the moment. They ship only to the US, So why even give me the option? Yahoo knows I’m from the UK…



Every now and then, my Flickr stats go crazy, with sudden spikes in traffic. Usually it’s just for one day. This month I’ve had a huge increase in traffic, with several spikes in the last few days. I’ve looked deeper into the stats to try and find out why, but am none the wiser other than Flickr themselves are the referrer. I’d love to know where they all come from when this sort of thing happens. Still, I’m not grumbling.

So all is good in the Flickrverse. Except for one thing. Which is becoming a real sore point. Load times for photos. Flickr takes far too long to put photos on the screen.