The year got off to a terrible start for UKIP, the country’s official party for racists and bigots, when their leader’s (inappropriately young) girlfriend got him the sack with some slightly KKKesque comments about the quality and colour that Meghan Markle would be bringing to the Royal Family. Then they elected a new leader who has himself gone full-on white supremicist batshit crazy. Could things get worse?

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The Jurassic Coast

I live about an hour / ninety minutes outside of London. But my ‘hood’ is not without it’s treasures. Salisbury Cathedral and Stonehenge are both within easy reach. Dorset also possesses some of the best coastline in England. Some of? Nay, the best. We have the golden sand beaches of Bournemouth, the talcum powder sand of Sandbanks and then further along there is the Jurassic Coast. It’ s an entire stretch of coastline from Devon to Dorset, which has yielded huge quantities of important fossilised treasures to the scientific community.  People regularly scour the rocky beaches looking for fossils. Or BMW motorbikes.

As you can see from my photos of Durdle Door, the forces of nature have played a key role in shaping this coastline. As you might also notice, there is something of an absense of blue sky. That has pretty much been the case since spring. I arrived back in the UK in February 2011, having just missed one of the coldest winters on record. I did the get to enjoy one of the coldest summers  though. And then one of the hottest autumns. Followed by one of the mildest winters. Followed by one of the warmest springs.

Which then turned in the wettest summer on record. April and June have both been the wettest and dullest since records began. It seems like it hasn’t stopped raining in months. Largely because it hasn’t stopped raining for months. We’ve gone from severe drought to flood in the blink of an eye. This might not bode well for the Olympics. I hope Usain Bolt has been practising the 100 metre splash, rather than dash. You can see my photos of Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove on Flickr. Mrs P has her own separate collection.