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Half Way House

Is this the future for Britain? Brexit – a half baked ideology, promoted by half wit Nigel, voted for by half the population, most of whom did so half heartedly, half cocked negotiations, cheered on by a half-brained foreign secretary – and we’re not even quite half the way through the Article 50 timeframe. But do you want to know what really worries me? What should worry everybody, Remainer and Brexiter alike? The Conservative party has not a clue how to implement Brexit. Not a single clue. The front benches resort to waffle to desperately avoid anything of substance, fact or import for Continue reading


Brexit ‘s Red Lines

The Brexit talks have, once again and to no one’s surprise but the Brexiters, gone rather pear shaped. The problem, you see, are the ‘Red Lines’. This week, all those Red Lines met with Real World, and it didn’t go well. Almost everyone has at least one big Red Line in this debate. The Ultra Brexiters, lead by the likes of Rees-Mogg and Gove, have created a web of red lines with a spirograph, carefully ruling out any Continue reading