Exbury Gardens

It’s been a very, very long winter. Not the coldest, although it’s had its moments. But ever so long. We’d forgotten what sun was. October was drearier than usual. November, December, January and February the usual bleak and miserable winter. March should have seen the first signs of spring, with trees shooting new leaves. But the temperatures stayed subdued. The skies stayed gray. The shoots stayed hidden.

April came and April went, in much the same way as March. But in the final days of April, the sun did put in an appearance. The mercury rose and spring, ever so belatedly, arrived. It’s amazing how quickly the landscape can change in this country with the arrival of spring. Damn, foreboding greys and sodden greens disappear to be replaced with blue skies and splashed of every colour imaginably shooting from every crevice of soil.

We went to Exbury Gardens, one of the most famous gardens in the country. It’s renowned for it’s spring blooms of rhododendrons and azaleas. We were a bit early, truth be told. In another week or two, it’ll be a complete riot of colour and the manicured lawns will disappear beneath a carpet of blossom. The photos on Flickr are here (just the blooms) and here (blooms and Mrs P). Or you can just have a brief glimpse by clicking on one of the photos below to see a quickie twelve shot slideshow. Happy spring to you all!