My Close Up Fuji

On to the next test phase of my multi post review of the Fuji HS10, which I took possession of a little over a week ago. So far, all has been so good. Awesome zoom, great low light performance, and features galore. How about macro performance?

The Fuji has two macro settings – normal and super macro. The latter can focus on an object just a centimetre away from the lens at wide angle. So they claim. My experimenting suggests their claim is accurate. This again blows my old Panasonic out of the water – macro was not a speciality of the FZ35.

My reviews haven’t really gone into a scientific, pixel peeping depth. For me it is all about the results on my monitor…more on this tomorrow with my final review post. For now, here’s the proof of the pudding, the photo below, and a set on Flickr. All hand held, and most of them indoors in poor light I might add.

Ancient Engerland Fans


Camera Lust

My Panasonic FZ35 has been ordered by an amigo in the US and I will be the very happy recipient in just a matter of days. I can’t wait! And yet, I’m planning its sale already. Not immediately. But give it a few months. I’m going to be keeping that baby in pristine condition. Why am I already contemplating its sale, before I’ve even taken delivery? Well….

The new Fuji HS10 is why. It looks absolutely awesome. Some specs for you. Backlighted CMOS sensor. A 30x lens with manual zoom ring. A fab 10fps, with a special 1000fps sport mode. Proper HD video in 1080p with stereo mics. And so many more fancy features. And it looks incredible. Why don’t I just buy it now? Well, it doesn’t come out till April for one. Secondly, as good as the specs are, I wouldn’t buy a new camera without reading a few reviews, and they’ll take a couple more months to come through.

Thirdly, the price. My FZ35 is $315, give or take. The Fuji is $499. The price will come down in a few months. Plus, I have a cunning plan. The FZ35 is costing me just a little more than 4,000 pesos, because I’m having it bought in the US. Its retail price in Mexico? A ridiculous 8,500 pesos. Like all imported products, it has a hefty amount of tax added on. I could easily sell (or so I believe) a mint condition reasonably new FZ35 for 5,500 to 6,000 pesos, thus making me enough profit to afford the Fuji. Cunning plan indeed. Click on Read More for the full official press release if your interested in all the details.

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