The Map

A few months ago I wrote about an outlet centre just to the north of Mexico DF, Punta Norte. An irate Don Felipe raged that I hadn’t given the most important bit of info of all – where the hell was it? I did post a link to a Google Map detailing exactly where it was to soothe his rage!

Google Maps are handy, but not the most aesthetic of web apps. Recently I’ve been going back to have a new look at Microsoft products, which have improved massively in the last year or two. Their photo tools are excellent, Hotmail’s recent update convinced me to abandon Gmail and Bing is a useful alternative to Google. Windows 7 is also a very smooth experience, after the dark days of Vista.

So what about Bing Maps? Worth a look. I’m glad I did. They’re more than useful. They are everything I’d long wanted from Google Maps. There are pros and cons to both, but Bing’s effort has won me over. Now, given Microsoft’s link up with Yahoo, if Flickr could just abandon their terrible maps in favour of Bing Maps, I’d be a happy chappy.

But to the point. I’ve been playing with Bing Maps. Adding new locations to match my blog posts, and going back over old blog posts to add their locations too. The result, I think, is fantastic. Looking for places to visit in DF, and want to know a little bit about them before you go? Want to see a photo? Just check out my personalised Bing Map by clicking here.

You just scroll through the list of places in the bar on the left hand side, click on one that takes your fancy, and a box will pop up at the correct location. You can then click on the box to see the street view, or click ‘more info’ which will take you to my blog post.

It would be great, if I can find the time, to go right back and make a seriously dedicated effort at logging all my posts on the map. Or at least all the important places such as museums, parks, buildings etc. What do you think of my effort so far? Is it working for you, I might also ask? Different browsers play funny tricks.