Signs of the Time

That’s Mrs P, strutting her stuff in the mid 30s celsius midday sun at the observatory in Jaipur. Signs of the time indeed. Why did I not think of that title for a post before? I rather miss India. I enjoyed it. This may come as a little bit of a surprise to anyone who read my opinions of India shortly after the holiday. You’d expect me to add a caveat, at least. But no, I shan’t. Pick any point of my life, a high or a low point, and I have only fond memories. Positive recollections of people I’ve met, lessons I’ve learned. Happy memories of places I’ve been Nothing negative lingers in the soft grey matter betwixt my ears.

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Marvellous Mexico City

Ten reasons why life in Mexico City is just grand at the moment. Which makes me wonder, why on earth am I moving back to London?!?!

  • Although I did register my Telcel phone with the government, to help their crazy anti crime policy, and although all those details are now somehow on sale at the ‘Thieves Market’ in Tepito, I have nothing to worry about. I didn’t give my details. My wife, on the other hand, has reason to be doubly worried!
  • It’s hot and sunny! It’s been hot and sunny for weeks! The Jacaranda blooms may have gone for the last time, and it is a bit dusty as rainy season has yet to start, but it is hot and sunny! How’s things in England?
  • The turtles have a new pool! Not a new pool to replace the old pool. A new pool to go with the old pool. So the yard has two pools. Paola isn’t so happy about this, but I am. Cleaning is needed less frequently, and I don’t have to break up Bob and Angus from fighting anymore. Nor do I have to watch out for Itchy violating Bob.
  • The World Cup is less than one month away from starting! I have bought two tops – a  Mexico polo top for when I go see Mexico play Chile this Sunday. An England top for when I go to see England v Mexico at a cantina in 10 days time.
  • I nearly bought a sticker for my Panini World Cup album from the mercado. It’s the final sticker in the book, and the lady wanted 100 pesos for it. I ummed and arred. But decided that I couldn’t afford it. I got it in a packet this morning, having paid just five and a half pesos for that and five other stickers. Take that you thieving extortionist mercado lady… your face!
  • I’ve done so much blog advertising lately, that I can take a bit of time out from saving up for the return to the UK, and plan instead on my next camera purchase. I checked my various accounts this morning, and (including the sale of my near new Panasonic FZ35) I can just about afford the Fuji HS10 I have been lusting after for a few months!
  • I had decided to plant some vegetable seeds in the little strip of mud that runs alongside my home next to an alley. But when I got to Wal Mart, I realised I hadn’t brought enough money with me and could afford only three packets. Not the five I had planned to buy. As I was giving the seeds shelf a morose look, a sales agent came up to me, handed me a promotional leaflet for some seed company or other, and two packets of seeds for free. Result!
  • Our water supply has not gone off for more than an hour for months. This might seem like a small deal to you First Worlders. But when you’ve used to (in a sarcastic way – you never really get used to it) having your tap water going off for sometimes days at a time, this is good news indeed!
  • The electricity bill arrived this morning. I checked the ‘Pay Before’ date. You have to pay at a bank before the Pay Before date, otherwise you’re screwed. Then you can’t pay at the bank, and since they closed the old electricity company down, there’s nowhere I know of to go and pay it. And the last bill was delivered after the Pay Before date. I know. Dumb. But it happens. More often than I’d like. Today’s bill? The Pay Before date is next week sometime. Woohoo!
  • Did I mention that the World Cup begins in less than a month? To say I’m excited is something of an understatement!