#TBT A City Icon

Most cities have an architectural landmark that is appropriated as an icon. More often than not, it’s a tower of sorts or at least something that towers over the surrounding area. London has the Elizabeth Tower. Paris the Eiffel Tower. New York, the Empire State Building. And Mexico City has the Angel of Independence. A golden lady with a generous bust and Red Bull style wings over-looking the metropolis from a lofty perch. Her image is used on taxis, tourist literature and all sorts of Continue reading



All around Mexico preparations are being made for the big Bicentenario celebrations. And also a few celebrations for the hundredth anniversary of the Revolution, which are being overshadowed a little by the former. So basically, what I am saying is that there are masses of signs, unfinished building projects, spaghetti like second tiers of roads that look a year or more from completion at best. Will anything be ready in time? I have my doubts.

Except for the little town of Huichapan in the State of Hidalgo. Will they be ready in time for Septemeber? They’re ready now. The road there from the main highway, which for years was only part paved, and pot holed where it was, has been fixed. What the little boys living alongside it will do for money now I don’t know. They used to move mud from one hole to another in a deceptive play at fixing something in the hope of a peso or two from passers by.

Huichapan has some decent history associated with the war of Independence, and have a little house with a balcony from where the Grito de Dolores is given every year, as it has been since 1812 I believe. When Quintana Roo was in attendance indeed. Or so my memory tells me. As always, whenever I draw upon my memory to tell a tale, it’s worth checking up to make sure I have it right!

Anyway, that house has been refurbished and is open to the public, along with and archaeological museum next door. The town is clean. It’s ready. I think we may well go there for the Independence Day celebrations. We usually do, with the exception of last year. It’s busy, safe and buzzes with the excitement of 100,000 people who have little else to get excited about the rest of the year, when it is quiet and moves with the pace you’d expect of a small provincial town. Which is to say it barely seems to move. So how come they are the only ones who are ready already!?  I took some black and white photos set at widescreen, just to make a change – click here to see them.