#TBT Two Days Before

Today, I go back just a little under eighteen months, to June 21st 2016. This was the last photo I took and published before the EU Referendum. When I pressed that shutter release, the UK looked set to remain in the EU. And Donald Trump was still something of a joke, with the punch line to come at any moment – at his expense. Those were better times. But you can see those dark clouds Continue reading


Web Connected Mexico

A friend in the US has, for some time, been umming and ahhing over a potential move to Mexico City. It is a big move and a big change in lifestyle, so plenty of umming and ahhing is required. There are pros and cons, it goes without saying. There will be new things in your life you’ll come to cherish. There will be things from your old life you’ll come to miss.

But there are some things that you simply can’t live without. Like the internet for example! For me that would be a personal issue. I guess I could live without it….but….no, I don’t want to even think about it. The horror! For the aforementioned chap from the US, a good, reliable connection is a must, for business reasons.

And he asked me to provide some more fodder for his umming and ahhing sessions. What sort of speed do I get? Which ISP do I use? Is it reliable? I thought I’d go further, and write this post. With an issue like this, the more data there is, the quicker the umming and ahhing can be silenced.

If you live in Mexico, Mexico City in particular, and can spare a minute or two – it’ll take no longer, I promise! – perhaps you could help out. Go to the Speed Test web site, and run the test, and add a comment to this post to let us know what sort of download and upload speed you get. Who your ISP is as well would be useful. And if you’ve had a good or bad experience with them. Oh, and how much do you pay each month? I’d be interested, as well as the amigo.

As for my own experiences with Mexico and the internet. I did write a post, and not a terribly complimentary one, about my service provider a few weeks back, Telmex, when my wireless modem died. It took far too long to repair. But in fairness, I could have bought a cheap modem, non wireless, to get me through. If I’d had the cash handy!

And there was another post not long before that about how quick Telmex are to cut off your phone line if you are so much as a day late in paying the bill beyond the due date on your bill. But, that has never affected the internet connection.

But otherwise, my internet connection has always been reliable. When I arrived and signed up with their Prodigy package, I got a 1/2mb connection. This went up to 1mb a year or two later, and I had a free wireless modem delivered to replace my old modem. Everyone did.

Technically speaking, my 389 pesos p/m chosen package with Telmex still boasts a 1mb top speed. But about a year ago my line was upgraded to 2mbs. This options normally costs 599 pesos, but I got it free. It’s not a mistake on Telmex’s part though – everyone I know who has had a Prodigy account for years and years got this free upgrade. For loyalty, one assumes. So a gold star for Telmex on that front. They now have 1mb, 2mb and 5mb options.

So anyway, the performance of my line. As the screenshot below shows, it’s not too far off the promised 2mbs. I check it every now and again, and the results are always pretty similar. Today I got 1.8mbs download and 0.25mbs upload. What’s yours? To save you scrolling back for the link, here it is again – Speed Test.


McCartney Live At 9

The big entertainment news in Mexico City at the moment, is the presence of one Paul McCartney, here to perform two nights at Foro Sol. Paola very much wanted to go and see him, but the tickets sold out almost instantaneously. In fact, originally, there was only one night, but popular demand won the day, and one became two. Paola got excited when she found tickets for the second night a few weeks ago, and tried to book them. Even at the hefty price of four hundred and something pesos.

She failed. Ticketmaster, for whatever reason, didn’t like my debit card. Thankfully. She was trying to book bus tickets to get to the stadium. ¬†I can’t say I much wanted to go. Paul McCartney is ok, but I’m not a big fan of big stadiums. Paying a load of cash to watch a dot on the horizon, whom you assume is the star, and listening to a sound which is 50% music, 50% noise….not my cup of tea.

But Paul McCartney is special. Just for him a huge screen is being put up in Chapultepec for tonights concert, which will be shown live. They can get 10,000 people in there apparently. I’m not convinced it’s worth going. Even man, woman, child, their dog, their cat and their goldfish will be heading there. I suspect that those who haven’t queued up since dawn will only get close enough to see a dot on a screen, who their will have to assume is McCartney. Those arriving late will see a dot which they will assume is a screen.

But there is an¬†alternative. The show is also going to be broadcast live on the internet at 9pm (May 28th, Mexico City time) thanks to Coca Cola. Very good of them I must say. Let’s hope they’ve anticipated the bandwidth they’ll need properly, or it’s going to leave a lot of people very disappointed. Paola especially. And me too. Not only do I deserve a good service for the loyal custom I’ve given them over the decades, but I’m intending to splash out a whole 18 pesos on some nachos and cheese to nibble on while I watch. If they screw it up I’m going to drink Pepsi tomorrow instead.