The Travel Map

I always feel a bit short changed by the interactive travel maps you can fill out on the internet. I’ve spent weeks travelling through exotic locations such as Sri Lanka and Malaysia, with just the faintest of splashes of colour to show for my efforts. My mate goes to St Petersburg for the weekend, and he’s half way done to completing the entire thing. At least the US, Mexico and India added a decent amount of green to my globe.

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Japanese Day

Ciclothon again. With a twist. This weekend the Japanese had Reforma turned into an oriental fiesta, of sorts. Of course, sales are the primary drivers of these sort of events. Tourism, cars, restaurants, origami classes. That sort of thing. It’s all good fun though. I didn’t get an awful many photos, but I managed to capture a few Japanese Latinas (a brand new race I believe!) and some shots of the wrestling match.

I like Japan and Japanese things. I’ve never been there, but I suspect the cold, formal society would suit me. Perhaps the hours of work they like to put in less so. Along with Argentina, Cambodia and Tanzania, Japan is one of the countries at the top of my ‘must visit’ list. The language would be a confusing barrier, but I am often confused anyway, and enjoy jumping over barriers. Or going round them, as needs dictate. The handful of photo I did take are here.