Lottery Options

I didn’t use to play the National Lottery in the UK before I left to live in Mexico. I just kept the pound in my pocket and was richer for it. The chances of winning the jackpot are slim. Slimmer than getting hit by lightning. Even winning a tenner takes some doing. But I have taken up the game lately. I don’t need the jackpot. Just £5,000 would do nicely. £10,000 would be fantastic. We’d be on a plane in no time, and be back in Mexico City for the weekend.

If I did win the jackpot though? Or at least a few million. That would change things. We’d be in a hotel suite in London, by the weekend. we’d stay there until we’d purchased a nice little apartment in Kensington. London is a fabulous place to be if you’ve got a few bob. Dare I say there’s nowhere on earth better to be if you’ve got the cash. Me and Mrs P love our London trips. There’ll be more before our time is up. We’ll be there for the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics, for sure. Till then, here’s a few belated shots of the Christmas lights, on Flickr and Google.