Signs of the Time

That’s Mrs P, strutting her stuff in the mid 30s celsius midday sun at the observatory in Jaipur. Signs of the time indeed. Why did I not think of that title for a post before? I rather miss India. I enjoyed it. This may come as a little bit of a surprise to anyone who read my opinions of India shortly after the holiday. You’d expect me to add a caveat, at least. But no, I shan’t. Pick any point of my life, a high or a low point, and I have only fond memories. Positive recollections of people I’ve met, lessons I’ve learned. Happy memories of places I’ve been Nothing negative lingers in the soft grey matter betwixt my ears.

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The Pyjama Lady

It happens to most railway men and women eventually. Be they ticket office clerks, platform staff, revenue inspectors. If you work on the trains for any length of time, there is little you can do to avoid it. Your turn will come. The railways, by their very nature, attract people who want to get from A to B. It’s unfortunate, and very tragic, but for a few people the chosen destination does not require a ticket and is reached by Continue reading