The Other Churchill Woman

I knew the story of Jennie Jerome, the American lady who came to these isles and produced the dominant figure of 20th century British politics, Winston Churchill. It transpires that we returned the favour – what goes around, comes around. Although I was, until recently, ignorant of the story. I shouldn’t have been. Twice we have spent the day at Minterne House and Gardens, in a small village in West Dorset. Not so far from our home in Bournemouth. It’s here that the story began, as a young Pamela Digby, the daughter of Baron Digby, grew up in the family home.

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A Green And Pleasant Land

Enough of Brexit for today. Instead, I have a little reminder that England is still, at least in parts, a land worthy of building Jerusalem upon. Although quite frankly, given the trouble they have with Jerusalem in it’s current location, perhaps it’s best left where it is.

We have never been to Jerusalem. We have now been to Minterne Gardens though, and a very peaceful, green and pleasant place it is. Click here to see a few more photos…